Truth feeder
We are often told we must climb the spiritual ladder in order to be one with God. Many religions do this. This in some cases leads to further separation from God. We feel we arn't good enough or start comparing ourselves with others progress.

The entire sphere of Creation Is the Creator, instead of climbing the ladder of a pyramid to reach, eventually, contact with the Divine Creator. It is all right. It is much the same; entities climbing the vibrational ladder from one frequency to another till they come in contact with the highest frequencies in the universe which is the Mind of God, the Love of God, the Creator Him/Herself.

The shape of the philosophy, in pyramid form, tends to lock entities into the concept of not being able to have unity with the Divine until you climb all the way up the pyramid, passed the many Ascended masters, until you eventually reach unity, Oneness with God. This is a way of presenting a concept, a religion that creates a challenge and much difficult work to become One with God.

If one can learn to surrender self to God, all the climbing, all the Ascended Masters, all the work of becoming a better person through your effort and struggle becomes meaningless. The total surrender itself is a single act that can be of great significance in reaching higher levels of spiritual energy and evolution.

Is it so much to surrender our will to the will of the divine? After all the divine is so much more wiser than we are and has a view from above of all of creation and can decide what is best for all of us and our part in creation. All we need to do is tune in and stay tuned in.

This understanding came from the following link and is a worthwhile read.


With love and appreciation