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It seems more troublng news coming from the Sandy Hook incident aparently TPTB don't like the discussions we and I'm sure other sites are having regarding the incident. Looks like they're getting closer to what they want complete control over what we say and do. While it only has 27 signatures, things do have a way getting done nowdays, for those in power.

WH Petition To Ban 1st Amendment: The Right To Question The Media & State To Be Eliminated? | Politics

Adolf Hitler would be so proud of what Barack Obama and George W. Bush and their predecesors dating back to the CIA assassination of JFK have accomplished. They’ll first have to take away American’s 2nd Amendment to have any kind of shot to take away our 1st. To read or God-forbid sign the petition, please visit: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/ban-sandy-hook-hoax-websites-channels-and-videos/WkKmcGnG

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