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The Jewish Voice for Peace and several Christian, Muslim, atheist and human rights groups are planning to submit a letter to Barack Obama saying “No Blank Check for Israel” during a rally and march to the White House on January 19, 2013.

These and many other patriotic American citizens are supporting Barack Obama’s chioce of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as country’s next secretary of defense. A decision viciously opposed by pro-Israel groups. Hagel is known for cuts in the US defense budget which has surpassed one trillion dollars – and end to America’s foreign military adventures, most of which were (are) pushed by the pro-Israel war-mongering Zioconservatives.

Last year polls indicated that a great majority of US voters were more concerned with economy, healthcare, jobs creation and social benefits than Israel-Iran conflict.

Some political analyst like British journalist and author, Alan Hart, who believes that Obama displayed some courage by nominating Chuck Hagel against Jewish lobby groups’ character assassination of Hagel is a significant defeat for the Zionist Lobby. “My guess is that Obama will content himself with the thought that Israel is becoming more and more of a pariah state because of its own actions and that Zionism is on the road to self-destruction,” he posted on January 11, 2013.

Netanyahu and his anti-Muslim US lawmakers and media allies fear that as result of military budget cuts, not only Israel would lose its privileged $3 billion annual military aid but a reduction in US armed forces would make it almost impossible for Washington to wage wars against Muslim countries to protect the Zionist entity.

In a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, Zionist entity’s president Shimon Peres blasted Netanyahu’s policies in the region. He claimed that Netanyahu’s policies have convinced Barack Obama that Israel doesn’t want peace in the region. He fears that if Israeli hawks formed the next government – Israel could lose Washington’s military, finacial and moral support which is very crucial for the survival of Israel. “We must not lose the support of the United States. What gives Israel bargaining power in the international arena is the support of the United States,” said Peres.

Paul Pillar says the US endless pressure on Iran without a genuine effort to engage it – is stupid and mindless. “The Iranians have good reason to be suspicious of ultimate US and Western motivations, and threats of military force figure into that in an unhelpful way too. The Iranians do not have to look far to see ample evidence in favor of the proposition that the primary US goal regarding Iran is (pro-USsrael) regime change. And they do not have to look far into the past to see a recent US use of military force – participation in the intervention in Libya – that overthrew an African regime after it had reached an agreement with the United States to give up all its nuclear and other unconventional weapons programs. What reason would Iranian leaders have to make any concessions if they believe the same thing is likely to happen to them? This is already a problem; rattling the saber only makes it worse,” wrote Pillar on January 10, 2013.

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