Things to remember that make life easier


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Everything is true.
Be with everything.
Breathe deeply.
Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness.
Listen to the voice.
The heart opens to the center.
Meditate consciously.
Consume only when and what you must.
Love bravely and generously.​

These are only some of the things I’ve been been expressly told in meditation and in dreams. When I get one of these messages, I don’t question it anymore. I seek out places to apply it so that its elegance can be fully realized. For example, Everything is true is true. When you decide something is not true, you have judged without sufficient information about that thing. All things are true. You can decide that “on this particular occasion, this is not true”, but that doesn’t make the thing untrue nor does your decision to view it as untrue make it so. That is your perspective, and your perspective is your own. Be sure to give others the freedom to see their truth as well and respect their choices. Any right or freedom you allot to yourself must be extended to all others equally as well.

Be with everything really means to have some sort of interaction and experience with everything around you. By practicing this with persistence and awareness, you will find whole new worlds while doing the most mundane task. Nothing is boring in and of itself. Boredom is a mindset. That changes immediately with your change of perspective – and changing your perspective happens instantaneously with the decision to do so. You are in control of your perceptions. No one else holds those reins.

Breathe deeply in every way. Breathe in life. Breathe in the love around you. Breathe it out to the world. Love all of it. In that love you will find great peace and understanding. Your world will become richer and bigger for it. Your physical body breathes with the lungs but your spiritual, emotional body breathes with the heart. Breathe deeply.

Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness in every aspect of life. You will only ever have peace and clarity when you walk through your day from a perspective of understanding and awareness. This is not to say that difficulties won’t befall you. They will, and they too require the same understanding and awareness. But that understanding and awareness will allow you to experience the thing with clarity and peace, simply because you will have greater insight into the forces that caused that event to happen. Everything happens for a reason. You understand the reasons better when your perspective is broader, and the breadth happens when you experience the world as flows of energy rather than the events we perceive them to be.

When you have that breadth of vision that comes with wider perspective, you will hear the voice more clearly: Listen to the voice. The voice will never steer you wrong. It takes some practice, but this is very much tied up with the fact that The heart opens to the center. You are there with all your universal truth at your center, but in our world we’ve all been trained not to hear the voice so we’ve also blocked our heart entirely. Open your heart. Let the voice speak. Listen to the voice.

No matter what you’re doing, you can meditate while doing it. It is perfectly safe and very healthy. Your mind is in a relaxed state and your body will follow that over time. At first it is good to allow your mind to wander freely when you start meditating. This allows you to experience freedom, probably for the first time in your life. Every journey is yours alone. The things you can discover are astounding. Be gentle with yourself and accept whatever you find. It’s all good.

We currently live in very wasteful and gluttonous times. There is no requirement for us to behave this way. Our real freedom starts when we have nothing. In that nothingness is everything. Knowledge has room to grow roots when there is space and peace for it to germinate. That happens in an open heart. Consume only when and what you must so that there is always room for new and more. Let go of things that are no longer relevant. This is true of all things. Enough is as good as a feast.

In experiencing life in full and complete openness, you find the ability to Love bravely and generously simply because of the lightness and freedom of being. Things that used to bother you no longer do. Instead you relish all the variety and color in the world. This doesn’t come easily to us anymore. Our hearts must be opened fully to experience the full effects of pure love and then those effects reverberate throughout time and space. The more you love, the more is love.