third chakra
Friday, May 8, 2009

Third chakra: The third chakra, the solar plaiting or Plexus Solaris, is located in the stomach area, above your navel. The color of this chakra is yellow and it is self-esteem, confidence, peace, control and inner harmony.

The third chakra acts as our intellectual mold or shape. If the back of this chakra is fully open and healthy, we will not participate in war and violence, because the war is based on prejudice and fear. There is simply no room for violence if we act with confidence and authenticity. It gives us knowledge of the visible and the invisible and gives us, as we have confidence in our own abilities, ideas for setting and achieving goals. Whether or not things go well, it affects us value feeling not. There is no negotiation and it is not determined by outside influences. Spiritual doubts are resolved. Blockades in the center come from doubt (a lack of confidence) in our own higher goals and ideals.

Your third chakra is your Ego identity

Solar Weave-Chakra gemstone: citrine, calcite

Color: yellow

Mantra: RAM

Petals: 10

Element: Fire

Location: solar plaiting

Function: power if

The yellow center is the sun-plaiting chakra, just below the sternum. This is the center of self. Charisma, charisma, cheerfulness, self-confidence and sense of possibilities and opportunities come from this center. If it is blocked we feel nervous, dejected and uncertain.

Major life areas:
Energy activities, autonomy, individuatie, will, self-esteem, power.

Gets out of his balance in the accumulation or subject of:
Feelings of shame, authoritarian practices, uncertain situations, suppression of the will, physical abuse, emotional manipulation, not age appropriate responsibilities.

Physical disorders:
Eating disorders, digestive disorders (stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver), hypoglycaemia, diabetes, muscle cramps, muscle disorders, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure.

Characteristics of an underdeveloped third chakra:
Low energy, weak will, easy to manipulate, little discipline and ability to make things, low self-esteem, cold (emotionally and / or physical), poor digestion, attracted by generating resources, victim mentality, passive.

Characteristics of a developed third chakra:
Overly aggressive, dominant, need to be equal to, power hungry, attracted to tranquilizers, rage attacks, stubbornness, strong ambitions, competitive, arrogant, hyper-active.

Source: the fifth dimension
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