Truth feeder
Jerry Mazza
Online Journal
Sunday, Dec 13th, 2009

Monday, December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, 2009: I am thinking of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. It only took two hours. The attacks on the World Trade Center occurred on a cool blue Tuesday morning within several hours, though Tower 7 fell into its footprint at 5 p.m. About 2,400 Americans were killed at Pearl. About 2,800 on 9/11.

On December 8, 1941, FDR declared war on Japan, who had declared war on us the day before. A few days after 9/11, Bush declared the War on Terror on Afghanistan, surrogate for the Muslim World. 9/11 had 19 Muslim scapegoats and Osama bin Laden. Pearle Harbor had military scapegoats: Commanders Army General Walter Short and Navy Admiral Husband Kimmel. For more information, see ‘Exonerating Pearl Harbor’s Scapegoats’ by John Weir. The racial scapegoats were first Japanese Americans, and later the Japanese people. More about that later.

There was massive damage at Pearl: eight battleships, nine cruisers, 30 destroyers, four subs, 49 other ships, 390 aircraft. There was massive damage at WTC: World Trade Center destroyed, Towers 1, 2, hit by kamikaze airliners yet did not go down due to fire but internal explosions; Tower 7 not hit by plane but ordered internally demolished by owner, Larry Silverstein. Balance of buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. Pentagon hit most likely by Global Hawk remote-controlled, missile-firing drone. F 93 was shot out of the air by two military F-16’s, the fireball raining debris in an eight-mile radius.

After Pearl, war with Japan led to the internment of Japanese-Americans in ‘War Relocation Camps.” Nearly 150,000 men, women and children were interned. Two of them were the parents of my wife’s best friend, Fran Yoshioka. Her parents, as she is, were lovely people, who after their internment relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, to work the better part of their lives for General Motors. I dearly miss them.

After 9/11, Muslims in the US continue to be harassed. 9/11 hijackers’ photos were subsequently said not to be necessarily correct by FBI Director Mueller in 2002. They why were they presented? Khalid Shaik Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in 2004 and will now “reconfess” to being the mastermind of the 9/11 event in a show trial in a York City courtroom. Before that, Zacarias Moussaoui was given a kangaroo trial with a stun-belt under his clothing controlled by US marshals.

Desired effects: FDR got his war against the Axis — Hitler’s Germany and Italy’s misguided fascists, who swallowed all of Europe, while Japan gulped down the Far East. Perhaps one can rationalize the false-flag operation of FDR more than 9/11, since the threat of Nazi attack was very real. Bush got his War on Terror against the Middle East, primarily to gain access to Iraqi oil, Caspian Basin oil and natural gas, conceivably Iranian oil one day, plus ongoing supplies of Kuwait and Saudi oil, guaranteed.

Hitler rose to power, in part by having Goebbels burn down the Reichstag building and blaming it on some lone communist, Marinus Van der Lubbe, who was subsequently beheaded. Bush & Company rose to power destroying WTC, damaging the Pentagon and claiming F 93 passengers fought Muslim pilots. In Germany, Hitler, after the Reichstag fire, issues the Enabling Act to take away Germans’ civil rights. Bush issues the USAPATRIOT Act to take away constitutional freedoms.

And then there’s the Pearl conspiracy, explained in more detail in “Scapegoat”: the Morse Code Traffic was intercepted by US and England and broken so they were reading Japanese diplomatic mail and Navy mail. The First Purple Machine was provided by Polish Resistance, which we copied and deduced how to change daily code settings. By November 1941, the US knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. Information of the attack was not passed on in a timely fashion to alert Commanders Kimmel and Short as December 7 approached. An inadequate but promised defense squadron prohibited daily scouring of skies for Japanese aircraft and helped create vulnerability to the psy-ops tragedy that enraged Americans to go to war.

9/11 conspiracy: NORAD stands down. No fighter jets fly to New York or D.C. in a timely manner to stop the attacks. Air Controllers ask if the events are “real” or a drill. At Pearl, sailors who witnessed oncoming squadrons of planes did not know they were Japanese until they saw the rising sun on the wings and their ships being destroyed.

Japanese lose only 29 planes, and several pilots. Re: Pearl: on December 4, 1941, we had received definitive information from two more independent sources Japan would attack US and Britain and keep peace with Russia. December 7, 1941, 5 AM, Hawaii Time (10:15 AM, DC time), we receive positive information that the Japan declaration of war is to be presented to Secretary of State Hull at 1:00 PM, which he opened with great nonchalance.

Re: 9/11, notices from around the world flooded into the White House for months before 9/11, indicating an attack was coming around the date of 9/11. No preventive action was taken; rather information and whistleblowers were suppressed and/or resigned.

Pearl provocations: 1940, FDR imposed an embargo on all US exports of scrap iron and steel, oil and petroleum products to Japan. July 23, 1941, he ordered a freeze on all Japanese assets in the US, ending trade with Japan, thus threatening Japan’s survival.

Re: 9/11, plans were on the drawing board in 2000 to invade Afghanistan to protect rights to build oil and gas pipelines from Caspian Basin countries south to Pakistan and to be shipped via the Indian Ocean to India and China; there were plans also to invade Iraq for oil and rid the US of Hussein, who was playing with allocations of same.

All that was needed, according to former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, as written in his book, The Grand Chessboard, was an act of great provocation like Pearl Harbor to engage otherwise peaceful US citizens in a hegemonic war in the Middle East. This was posted on the neocon website, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Checkmate. WW II, the War on Terror. Brzezinski is now a foreign policy adviser to President Obama.

Subsequently, volumes have been written on FDR’s desire to go war with the Axis, given Japan’s desire to absorb the Far East. Kimmel and Short were vindicated by the time they passed away. Not often mentioned is Theodore Roosevelt’s Imperial Cruise, written by James Bradley, which uncovers facts that Theodore Roosevelt gave the “superior,” more-like-US Japanese personal permission to take Korea, and then stop, though they then proceeded to China, Vietnam, et al.

Re: 9/11, volumes have been written on the anomalies of Bush administration “conspiracy theory,” most notably and ironically Amazon.com: The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 (9781566565523): David Ray Griffin, Richard Falk: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Z9ANR6CJL.@@AMEPARAM@@51Z9ANR6CJL by David Ray Griffin. The 9/11 truth movement is yet to be fully understood by the US masses, in part due to media stereotyping as “conspiracy nuts.” Often their amazing research is ignored or demonized by corporate media, even as the borrowed jingoism, “Axis of Evil” was coined by Bush to describe Iran, North Korea, and Iraq, and immediately became a household aphorism.

August 6 and 9, 1945: given the recent death of FDR, an in-the-dark President Truman authorizes the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and one on Nagasaki. He was told these were military not citizen targets, opening up the age of atomic warfare. Re: the Gulf I War, 1991, President George HW Bush condones the introduction of depleted uranium (DU) into warfare. DU attacks the immune system and causes all kinds of deadly cancers and crippling illnesses, which occurred among our own troops in that war. DU, like radioactivity from A-bombs, is not containable, is picked up on wind currents and swept around the world as on a tragic carpet, carrying still another evil genie to history’s darker annals.

And for all the practical reasons given by Truman to end the war quickly, the unmistakable stamp of “racism” lingers on this dreadful act committed against people of color. The European enemy, at least as equally antagonist and brutal, received no such punishment.

A coda of memory

As a child of three, on a large wooden Philco radio, I heard FDR’s announcement of war, “a day of infamy” on that cold, blue December Sunday in 1941. I was at my grandfather’s house on Leonard Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He cursed Mussolini in Italian for more emphasis. My Aunt Fanny cried for her brothers, who were at mass at St. Mary’s church with their sisters, Anna (my mother) and Mildred (her youngest sister).

Aunt Fanny knew her brothers would be going to war. That was Arthur and Anthony who served in France and Italy. Their brother, James Milano, after induction was subsequently discharged for problems with authority, similar to those he had at home, frequently vanishing into the Bowery only to be brought home by the family from his self-made homelessness. Arthur and Anthony grew up and survived intact.

Post WW II, a Veterans Home was finally found for James in a bucolic area in upstate New York, where he finally found peace from the war inside him. May he rest, as the others, in peace. I loved him the most for his vulnerability.

Of my father’s family, his brother, Vincent Mazza, was inducted and served in Europe, most notably at the Battle of the Bulge. Usually a soft-spoken, gentle man, he returned home with that 1,000-yard stare, and went back to his job as a printer and built a home on the GI bill for my Aunt Rose and his children, James and Janice to come, in Northport, New York.

James grew up to become a New York State Trooper and was put on duty at Ground Zero post 9/11 for a number of months. I hope he wore a mask. The rest is history.

And so, god bless America, land of the free, home of the brave, and of all those humble men and women, and their families, who have shed their blood, souls and lives in the pursuit and fulfillment of the ruling class’s endless wars and lies. The comparisons are endless and tedious.

The only good news would be the cessation of our present wars, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world—wherever the call for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is stifled by our shadow government, mercenary or standing armies. Pax Americana seems to be a pox for which there is no inoculation except truth. Painful as the needle’s sting may be, accept it joyfully for your own survival.