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Islamic Republic of Iran is among the very few world nations (Cuba and Venezuela being the two others) which have broken the chains of the western Zionist bankers’ imperialism. That’s the major reason the former western colonial powers have been threatening Iran with sanctions and war for the last three decades.

Iranian have suffered at the hands of foreign powers (Russian, British and Americans) for centuries. The 1979 Islamic Revolution open a door of national independence and dignity for them. Since then, Iranian have not backed-down against all odds – and finally became “the most powerful regional nation“, according to Lord David Owen, former British foreign secretary, Daily Record, December 16, 2011.

In 1980, an Iranian jailer summed-up Iranian mindset when the chief of US embassy staff, Bruce Laingen, called his imprisnment “immoral, illegal and totally wrong”. He replied to Laingen: “You have nothing to complain about. The United States took our entire country hostage in 1953“.

Recently, professor Rodney Shakespeare (Jakarta’s Trisakti University), a world renowned political commentator told Namavaran Network Corporation (NNC) that United States hates Iran for later’s independence from the westen-controlled World Order and Iran’s support of anti-Israel resistance groups.

“The USA hates any country, such as Iran, which wants to be independent. Which is why the USA is continually pushing for a regime change in Tehran. On top of that the USA’s foreign policy is to support the Zionist entity in every possible way, which means, if at all possible, the general destruction of any Islamic country (Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) and the specific destruction of Iran. Iran stands firm against ever-expanding Israel which has a Nazi-like policy of lebensraum, i.e., Israel believes that there are lands inhibited by a sub-human species who may be expelled leaving the lands for Zionist expansion (Eretz Yisrael). Israel, apart from committing war crimes, is implementing a creeping genocide in Gaza and Palestine – and Iran is the only country giving clear, unambiguous opposition. The USA actively supports the (Palestinian) genocide,” said Rodney Shakespeare.

Professor Rodney Shakespeare also added that Washington have been lying about Iran’s intentions to produce nuclear weapons for the last 20 years. “However, there are signs that the world is begining to wake-up to the Zionist lies and America’s unreasonable hatred of Iran is increasingly being noticed by sensible people everywhere“, he said. Read the entire interview here.

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