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On August 28, an Israeli women group Kolech filed a $26 million lawsuit against Israel’s voice of Orthodox Jews radio station, Kol Berama, in Jerusalem District Court for its refusal to hire women on staff. Several complaints against the radio station were filed in recent months to the Second Authority for Television and Radio, as well as to Israel’s Attorney General Yahuda Wenstein. According to Israeli media, both of which are considering imposing “crippling sanctions” on the radio station.

The Kol Berama radio station is affilited with Shas party, whose spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Josep, is famous for cursing Arabs and Ahmadinejad.

Israel’s voice of Orthodox Jews radio station, Kol Berama, went on the air in 2009 despite the fact Israel’s Reform Jewish movement had asked the country’s Supreme Court to stop its launching. Interestingly, Rabbi Ovadia has told Kol Berama management: “Let the women talk“. However, the station’s heads say they won’t change their policy toward hiring women.

On August 8, Israeli daily YNet had reported that Kol Berama manager, Amiad Taub, fired radio talk-show host Avraham Tamir for offending the leaders of religious Zionist movement. During one of his shows, Tamir said that religious Zionism is “a cancer at the body of the Jewish faith“ - and that “its rabbis are criminals, trying to bring down Jewish faith“.

Tamir’s program was on the merits of forcing religious Jews to join Israel’s compulsory military draft. Currently, young Jews are exempted from the military draft only on religious basis. Other Israeli Jewish youth are drafted for military training and subsequently are required to serve 18-24 months in the Israel Occupation Force – thus making all young Jewish population ‘combatants’ and not civilians. During the discussions, Tamir criticized Zionist Rabbis David Stav and Eliezer Melamed for urging Orthodox Jews to enlist in IOF. Tamir called Stav “a heretic or a fool – and most likely both“. Tamir called Melamed, a “brat” and a “fool”.

A non-brainwashed person will agree with Tamir that Zionism has nothing to do with Jewish faith. Zionist movement was started by Europe’s secular Jew leaders, some of whom were even Jew-haters. No doubt, there are Zionist Jews – but the great majority of Zionists are Christians. Some Zionist could be found even among Muslims and Hindus. To understand that Zionism is in fact a curse upon Jews – read G. Neuburger’s article here.

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