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“The regime in Damascus has more support internally. Most of the western media reporting on Syria is basically western propaganda, which does everything to prevent focus on Palestine. The press has brought this campaign to turn Assad into Hitler of the month, but it has failed,” says James Paul of the Global Policy Forum, which tracks international politics at the UN.

The so-called “Arab Spring” was promoted by the US State Department to prevent focus on Palestine. That’s why the mass protests in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen have failed to bring changes the public want. Libya, once the most properous African country – has been pushed back into Dark Ages. In Bahrain, the western powers have made sure that the public will doesn’t succeed against Sheikhdom’s pro-USrael regime.

Israeli deputy prime minister Moshe Yaalon is on record for saying that Assad’s ouster would be good for Israel by creating “a fissure in the Tehran-Damascus-Hizbullah-Hamas axis of evil“.

Assad regime with all its anti-USrael rhetoric, has been a traditional western ally by keeping Israel-Syrian border (Golan Heights) peaceful since it was occupied by the Jewish army in 1967. However, to maintain its position as a ‘useful broker’ in the region – Damascus gave sanctury to anti-Israel Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and PLFP – while providing moral support to Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah and signing military and trade agreements with Iran.

Chinese communist party’s organ, People’s Daily, warned the western powers on Monday to keep their evil agenda off Syria. “The Syrian question should be resolved by Syrian people. Outside powers do not have the right to stick their hands in,” says the editorial.

Russia, on the other hand, has warned that a foreign military action against al-Assad regime will begin an all-out civil war which will engulf its neighboring countries.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khameini, has also warned the western powers that a military action against Syria will put the Zionist entity on the receiving end too. Khameini said that “Israel is more vulnerable than ever“. Watch a video below.

Tony Cartalucci says in Land Destroyer Report that latest western fabrications against Assad regime includes “defected air force officer” with “superhuman” hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging – who witnessed the recent massacre in Houla village and reported it to British daily the Guardian. The massacre was carried out by western trained anti-government rebels – but the USrael has blamed members of Syrian Arab Army for the massacre to sabotage the UN mission in Syria headed by Kofi Annan. Sukant Chandan discuss Houla massacre at RT below.

“In Gaza Palestinian resistance fighters are struggling to defend their people against the aggressive Zionist war machine. At the same time in neighboring Syria the Syrian Arab Army is struggling to protect its civilian population and institutions against armed groups, backed by the Zionist regime, the US and their allies,” Mohamed Omar, a Swedish writer wrote in Islam Times.

On Sunday, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, during his address to People’s Assembly paid tributes to the souls of civilian and military victims of western war against Syrian people.

On May 31, Brigadier General Qassem Jamal Suleiman, the head of an investigation committee formed by the Syrian government, said the probe into the Houla killings has shown that anti-Damascus armed groups had carried out the massacre to “bring foreign military intervention against the country in any form and way.”

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