Vibrational healing
Thursday, April 2l, 2009

Bloemenessences for evolutionary healing
By Elizabeth Chandler

Flowers have been used for thousands of years for healing purposes. Most of us know that tea of dried chamomile flowers, calms, soothes and helps you to sleep. The oil from rose petals are used to extract that heat problems, heart stabilizes and reduces irritation. If we are going to use flowers on the essence level we raise the energy, we increase the frequency, or find a treatment for all sections of our energy system, not only the physical body. It is good to have to think that only five percent physical body and energetic body ninety-five percent. It is not so crazy for more than just treat the physical body. This includes the chakra system outside the body a kind of antenna is that the cosmos goes on and tune various frequencies.

In making bloemenessences for healing purposes, is not physically in the solution. The essence is in fact the electromagnetic pattern of the flower. Just as there are nourishing elements in the plants are found suitable for the health of the physical body, so there are different frequency levels by the flower patterns of bio magnetic energies issued for the health of different layers of the energy system of our body. If you have a Kirlian photo during the process of extracting a flower essence in a bowl of purified water, you could have a fuzzy picture of the flower with small traces of light water it. In this process, working with the etheric vibration of the plant, its vitality, its essential stamp.

Gurudas the author of enlightened Flower Essences and Vibrational healing, that is fascinating to learn that these essences "... something traveling faster than the speed of light ..." when the physical body to other levels of the energy going. This process is greatly enhanced if the flower essence in something other than alcohol is stabilized. Red Shiso is an excellent "vehicle" for the essences because "... if it in any form in our bodies are, it helps us a 'superconductor' to become easier and more comfortable light energy can hold ... and it strengthens the healing energies of the essences ... "as eloquently as we can learn from the Guide to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences of Molly Sheehan. The actual path that the bloemenessences take over the physical body to the energetic bodies, it is complex. This article must be sufficient to note that the remedy is almost immediately midway between the circulatory system and the nervous system draws. The two systems contain quarter-like properties and an electromagnetic current. The essence is the power to the energy meridians and then on to the subtle bodies, chakras, or return to the physical body, at the cellular level, as explained by Gurudas, whose comprehensive work was compiled over several decades.

The area of healing that bloemenessences useful, is really amazing and expanding still out. Many essences work on emotional level. Arrow Botanical promotes the purity of God's motion, instead of the roller coaster emotions that we often experience. The red scarlet runner helps us to courageously face our fears can be seen, instead of in front to run away. There are flowers to old habits to looser, depression and reduce us to the divine path to whatever the obstacles. There is a flower that one of the oldest on earth and which contains the blue print for the energy of an enlightened man!

Companies that make essences, use red shiso as a solution base and found that while many essences can be used for specific problems or purposes. Combination formulas in which 15 (or more) different bloemenessences processing, the energy changes for improved communication with divine guidance, greater abundance and the possibility of event, enhanced spiritual partnerships, better protection for energy Healers, increased sensitivity to the fairy realm, and solutions for problem animals. By people who bloemenessences make personal formulas can be made specific changes to help people tackle their next evolutionary step in healing and spiritual growth to continue.

Bloemenessences represent a radical step into new ways to give us energy to purify and change to a higher vibrational state of purity. According Gurudas, "... The release of spiritual and medicinal properties that are stored in the flowers is one of the major keys to the unfolding of God's plan earthly plane ..." Our experience of Heaven on Earth begins at a faster level to develop as more people reach higher consciousness stages. Bloemenessences at this level of inestimable value to us in the change to which others can match. Enjoy the miracle of our life here on earth, the levels of your essence, the essence of the flowers absorb deep. Can something be more beautiful?

Elizabeth Chandler