Truth feeder
'crazy' weather changes!!

Sensations and Signs of the End Times

I live in the country with no TV, and no traffic or other sounds to disturb me. For 35 years I have had a total view of the horizons to watch the sun and moon from a fixed location. From a fixed location such as my porch, it is most obvious when the moon or sun shifts four fists over in location from one day to the next. My nearest neighbor is Jehovah Witness, so they take the moon dislocations as a sign of their impending Rapture; at the same time, their faces are full of consternation when they know their divorced and fallen daughters will not accompany them; Oh, La, Di Da!

Others I have met, and who have seen the moon or sun out of place, are unable to even talk about it, except to admit when I asked them about it. Six people I know and not one can talk about seeing the moon where they know it is not supposed to be, although they admit to me when asked that they saw the same thing I did. Without confirmation from authority figures, the propaganda is complete and the populace is meek. I call this the case of the Willfully Ignorant and Intentionally Stupid; others may call it denial.

In 2003 I wore three pair of sunglasses as a filter to view the sunset with a handheld telescope. I watched PX cross the sun from the bottom left to exit the upper right side of the sun and thought that was the end of it. My perspective was wrong. PX crossed but also continued toward Earth. Then, in 2008 I saw a video from Siberia showing two suns setting together; PX was the size of my fingernail compared to the setting sun. By now it must be near the size of the moon, its ultimate size relationship before departing our space.

Sounds. I hear the almost daily ringing in my ears; it lasts 10 to 15 seconds. But, now I seem to hear it much more often. Today, my ears have been buzzing. I doubt I would notice such ringing in a city filled with white noise and weird sounds all the time.

Nausea. I feel sick to my stomach, but not sick like ill. It took me awhile to remember the thrill of amusement rides when I was a kid to realize I was sea sick from the wobble movement of Earth. Sometimes I feel this while walking, or doing work outside. I stop or slow down, and have to think about it. Then it passes. Other times, indoors, I just give up and take a nap to get over it. The Koran states that when it happens: "Men will act as if intoxicated, and pregnant women will drop their load." The important thing is to recognize the feeling and not panic or worry about being sick. It is only a form of "sea sickness" that will pass even if you throw up. This should be a breeze for anyone who has suffered a hangover and thrown up their guts because of it. But the breeze will turn into an hour long storm when rotation starts up again. Expect to empty your stomach, and just deal with it. You are not sick; just affected.

Red mist in the Smokey Mountains. One of the greatest beauties of Appalachia is watching the mist hang in the valley, and rise up the hills and ridges; it is always white or smokey - never red. But one time in summer 2009 a very light rain fell right at sunset. Only enough rain to wet the ground, but not cool it, or wash out the dust in the air. Result: Red Mist - the smoke was on fire.

Wobble and Lean. Mother Earth gives me a free ride to the bakery and the smokestack - my notice that warm weather is here and then the reverse. The Ohio River electric generating plants are 70 miles due south of my kitchen screen door. I never smelled the pollution because the westerly's always blew the pollution to the East where it floated down and killed the lakes in the Adirondack Mountains.

Spring 2009 I opened the door to let spring-time blow though the screen door. Within three minutes sitting at my kitchen table, my eyes were pouring tears down both checks. I was forced to shut my door. Along with the coal stack pollution came a whole new environment; it was like I had traveled to Florida for spring break. When the wobble takes us south, I smell coal stack pollution. When the wobble reverses and the air comes from the north, I smell fresh baked bread, sometimes a faint cooking smell; it must be from a small town to the northwest because my nearest neighbor that direction is a couple miles away with only farm houses between here and the small town.

Clouds. Clouds are swirled and stretched by the wobble. Most people don't pay much attention to clouds; they are too busy watching where they are going. But I hitch-hike and ride a bike, plus work or hang out in the outdoors with more time to contemplate life while looking at clouds; I just retired. The wobble bends contrails into S or J shapes and then stretches them out sometimes making square or rectangle shaped clouds. Wobble seems to make flat clouds and then swirl them like fudge swirl ice cream.

Circular contrails (the entire length of the contrail is composed of many small circles of vapor) are a result of the latest jet technology - the government's ram jet secret program that has to fly above our heads and be exposed no matter how secret they want it to be. A jet with normal jet engines takes off and goes as high as it can reach. Then it points itself down and throws on the afterburners going like a bat to hell. The extra speed generated by gravity forces air in at such a velocity that it causes a new prototype jet engine to kick in. The ram jet engine shatters the air molecules into hydrogen and oxygen creating a new fuel source that is more explosive than jet fuel. When the ram jet engine kicks in, the jet takes off like a bat out of hell being chased by the devil. It flies at supersonic speed and can reach Toyko from California is about two hours. Dayton, Ohio's Wright-Patterson AFB is near here. I figure the ram jet takes off here, builds up speed over the continent and has it all together by the time it reaches the coast where the sonic boom matters not over ocean water.

Chem trails, Contrails, Ram Jet Circular Trails. The difference between a chem trail and a contrail: contrails disperse and disappear, whereas chemtrails defuse and turn a blue sky into overcast when there are no clouds. Chemtrails criss-cross the sky. I watched two black jets, side by side, go back and forth, from horizon to horizon, east to west for an hour or more and then north and south for another hour or so. Other times I have watched the jets fly in giant S shapes. I wonder if they were bored or sending a message, kind of like an SOS in the sky.

Beached Whales and Missing Bees. I assume the wobble pulls the seabed under whales and beaches them just as it beaches navy ships and causes submarines to run into surface ships. The bees leave their hive, the Earth moves below them while they are in the air and the flying bees loose their markers; a third die each year because they don't find their way back to their hive. The bees are missing. They are not found dead in the hives from disease or other forensic causes for which a body is required to exhume. There aren't any bee bodies anywhere; that's the real scare.

Moon or Sun. It is more obvious with the moon than the sun. Only twice have I seen the sun out of place whereas the moon has been more than ten. On the other hand, I have noticed strangeness after the sun is set where the light behind the horizon continues to move north for about four fists. Normally the light follows the downward direction of the sun. I think the sun's greater movement after passing the horizon is then reflected back upon the moon in a vastly different location. This makes the moon much more obvious because it is the hidden sun's misplaced location that causes the misplaced reflection on the moon; one wonders but never knows for sure.

Moon problems. The sun is a sure thing everybody can see, and figure out where it will be the next evening, and at what time within a few minutes. But the moon is much different, varying from 20 or so minutes to around an hour difference each night. Most people are lucky to see one full moon rise a month, let alone two or three. After that, a person has to stay up way past one's normal bed time to continue watching each night's moon rise. People are pretty much clueless about the moon; that's so romantic! But the moon is the most obviously different sign implicating PX that everyone can see and follow if they study it. Go on the internet and look it up. God I love saying that. It reminds me of parents and teachers telling me to "look it up." Are we having fun yet?

Red Dust. The air pollution filters attached to special wind monitoring devices at the university near here first reported accumulations of "red dust from Africa" a couple months before I was polluted in my kitchen.

Winds. Follow the winds. For thirty years, the winds never came from due east. The Appalachian mountains channel it northeast and the westerly's oppose it. Even circular weather patterns are thwarted by a ridge line a quarter mile away that keep the East wind at bay. Now, I sometimes get strong winds straight out of the East; it really rattles my windows. I figure this is related to the lean, if not the wobble. Who can predict local effects when one is riding on a giant eight ball floating in space? Unusual wind patterns tell you change is in the air.

I have seen snakes in February when the last frost free date here is May 15. The sky is red everywhere more than expected. Sometime the sunset creates a better color reflection in the East when I think to turn around and look. Venus was all over the horizon in 2010. I never knew for sure where to look.

Three Monkeys. Eyes, ears and nose - mine have been opened! Too many others remind me of the three monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth. Are you a monkey or a man. It is almost time for all of us to swing from trees again. Wee! We will see soon enough, who is a monkey or not!