Website (2012) based on Hawkins (Dr. David) calibration


Truth feeder

Sampling of info:

Uplifting Messages/Info with high Integrity/LoC (also main influences for this site):

E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual: calibrate at about 990.
The Ra Material: Law of One (Study Guide): calibrate around 990.
Hidden Hand - Revelations of an elite bloodline insider: calibrate around 870.
Operation Terra (Volume 1, 2 & 3): calibrate in the mid 800s.
George Greens "Handbooks for a New Paradigm" (all 4 of them together): calibrate in the mid 700s.
MagentaPixie2012 Youtube channelings: calibrate on average around 530.
The Allies of Humanity: calibrate at 530.
Sheldan Nidle weekly Updates: calibrate on average above 500.
Mike Quinsey Messages (3 times a week): calibrate on average above 500.
Matthews monthly Messages: calibrate on average in the mid 400s. calibrate around 530.