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Ed Walker
Antimatter Radio
Saturday, September 4, 2010

Definition of Dark Ecstasy:

“Dark ecstasy is the spirituality of the Illuminati, and a force that has, to a lesser degree,*been implanted into humans, whereby humans have a capacity to develop spiritual euphoria surrounding artistic experiences of genuine sadomasochism, death and murder, war, pain, and so forth. Dark ecstasy’s spiritual euphoria becomes addictive, and it is triggered by art-forms in the world. It is the opposite experience as one has when ocean surf transports one to spiritual joy and levity.”

-Jeffrey Grupp

A lot of people wonder what makes humans capable of astonishing violence and savagery. Why is human history littered with war, violence,* and brutality in so many forms? How come when we turn on the news we hear tales of serial killers, war, government insanity, rapists, arsonists, pedophiles, nuclear weaponry, vaccines and any other number of atrocities? Why is it that horror movies, violent and dark music, violent video games and other media is so powerful and popular? There is an eternal force that has corrupted and obsessed mankind since the beginning of time and that force is called Dark Ecstasy.

Humans have such a brutal past (and present) that it is truly amazing to realize what we are capable of. When you learn about dark ecstasy it all makes more sense. The spiritual path of dark ecstasy is ancient. Many world religions describe an epic spiritual battle between two opposing forces.* From a mystical-religious or Buddhist standpoint, one has two options: choose a path towards nirvana or choose a path towards dark ecstasy. From a Christian viewpoint you can choose either the path of Satan or God. These are just two of* many ways that the world’s religions describe how we can go down these two directions. Dark ecstasy is the inversion of anything one would normally view as beautiful and good, the person under the direction of dark ecstasy would view (i.e., deeply feel) that the concept of family as bad (or irrelevant, as if not able to feel it’s lovingness), they would view kindness as weakness, would take pleasure in destruction of all innocence and beauty, would be extremely sadistic, etc.—indeed, dark ecstasy is the process of finding true beauty in underworldly art forms where pain=joy, sexual sadism=euphoria. Dark ecstasy is constantly invoked by the Illuminati.

Next I*will discuss the topic of serial killers. There is no way to deny the existence of dark ecstasy when you learn about people who kill not for money or revenge but for the “pleasure” (euphoria) of it.* It rarely ever starts with the serial killer killing humans but first starts with a morbid fascination with death and pain. Jeffrey Dahmer as a child would cut open animals and be very intrigued by their innards and all the gore. What I am getting at is the seductive power of dark ecstasy and the fact it rarely ever starts with people being psychotic killers but lures people in much more subtle ways. The term “desensitization” really is just tolerance to dark ecstasy and one needs more and more stimuli to fulfill their appetite.* Eventually, though, these killers literally become addicted to killing.

One common issue reported by serial killers is the euphoric high they describe during the act of killing. I have read some interviews where they describe it as almost an outer body experience, as if they are watching someone else kill. I have also read that during the killing ritual they have very little sense of time, as if they are just so caught up in the moment, caught up in this euphoric feeling of dark ecstasy that things like time go unnoticed. It really is similar to a person addicted to drugs. Dark ecstasy is a spiritual high, it is strange to note that our physiology would give us a high from such acts of dark ecstasy.* Sometimes in rare moments of clarity the killer knows it is wrong but cannot stop. Paul Stephani was a serial killer in Minnesota who would desperately call police (multiple times) crying his eyes out saying he killed someone and would go as far to even tell them the location of the murder. He would beg for them to catch him to force him to stop because he literally couldn’t stop killing.

When you look at this world it is clear the controllers of this world are completely under the spell of this dark force, to some degree: endless lying and wars and other wolf-in-sheep’s clothing behavior, the drugging of people (vaccines, food additives, etc.), mass starvation, brutality, police state fascism, and suppression of free speech and other inalienable rights. The NWO elites art-fetish is very dark and very much in the vein of dark ecstasy.

Eugenics is a great example of the type of behavior one would engage in when under the path of dark ecstasy. Greatly reducing the population is as we all know a goal of the Illuminati. Mass death from plagues, war, and starvation is not enough to fill the appetite of the dark elites. The world is their theater of dark ecstasy, and the illuminati’s religion truly is dark ecstasy. I believe in order to fully wake up to the Illuminati stranglehold on the human mind is to completely oppose and shun the power of dark ecstasy—first by empirically realizing its existence: the first step is to realize it does exist and turn away from it. We are constantly being bombarded with the power of dark ecstasy through every medium. Once one recognizes dark ecstasy you can see it’s influence on all things (art, philosophy, politics, etc) everywhere regardless of the time period, location, or culture it is found. The good news is it is possible to shield yourself from it’s dark power if you would meditate, pray, and align yourself with the creator and everything good and beautiful.