What is the purpose of chemtrails - Nano-Bots? inside our bodies & brains from Chemtrails?

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According this article chemtrails are releasing Nano-Bots that are affecting our bodies, what do you guys think about this is a possible?

In 1999 the world changed. The money trust, the law, technology, and the general direction of the planet completely changed. In order to even remotely grasp what is happening you must disconnect your mind from the last century's way of thinking. Failure to change the way you think will preclude you from seeing reality accurately. There is no money anymore, taxes are a thing of the past and no written law applies to you.

So what we now have is a real brave new world. The purpose of this site is to simply show the extent at which they have leveraged nano-technology directly on you, how they control everyone on demand with it, and end the confusion around the subject of chemtrails and how they fit into the larger picture while showing how the media and movies are conditioning the mind of the general public. This web site is my account of the entire last decade. I'm sure I'm missing something here or there, but this is 98% accurate I think.

The Reason for Everything

Let's just get right to it. Forget everything you know. Here it is, the epitome of reality. This video is the best example that summarizes what's happening or has happened in your body already. This is the most prevalent secret in the whole world because it has been forced onto everyone unknowingly.

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I think there's already a thread on here discussing the possibility of nano technology within the chemtrails. I can't remember at the time whether I was in agreement with the possibility, but YES, I sure as hell am now. I truly believe that they ARE dropping these things on us. These bots would never be detected, so why the hell not. They'd be programmed to perform certain tasks once inside the body, and hell, maybe they're even setting up our brains to be more susceptible to the brainwashing and mind control tactics that are being shoved at us at an alarming rate.

Since chemtrails serve multiple purposes, again, plausible deniability. There's too many things being sprayed that they can deny any of the things claimed to be in there, right?


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