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We are the ones we have been waiting for — Hopi Elders

How many lifetimes have you had? If you are awake, I would guess many.

Fighting, loving, healing, killing, nurturing. You have done it all.

You come into this lifetime, primed and ready. Ready for what? Ready for something. Ready to face whatever it is you need to.

You live your life. Waiting. And waiting. And waaaaaaaaaaaiting.

Perhaps if you have the gift, you recall that your past lives were much more “busy” (cue shots of swords swinging, foraging for food, building things by hand, walking, running, etc.) than this. The great question of your life seems to be finding out what you were brought here for. For years, you seek, you search. Sometimes you get very close, only to realize that the light has gone out of your plans.

You find others like you. Some seem to have answers. But most are like you — wondering why they are here. The others, with answers, you follow for awhile until you realize that they don’t have answers either. Your soul seems to shrink inside you, missing some nourishment. Missing the answer to that huge question in your life.

Perhaps this lifetime has disguised one of the greatest challenges of all — how to see your way when the view is misted over.

You strain under the weight of too much information. Your body weakens under the weight of too much food, and the wrong kind of food. We are poisoned by excess.

But that still, small voice inside of you will not give up. “I know I’m here for a reason,” it says. Despite years of seeming information to the contrary, the candle still flickers.

We ARE here for a reason.

Stop looking for people to save you.

Stop looking for people to save.

Know that preparing yourself internally is as important if not more than preparing yourself externally.

Know that there are forces at work who have done their darndest to make sure that people like you do not gather in any successful, strong group. Know that their are lurkers and infiltrators waiting to bastardize every attempt at peaceful, thoughtful congregation.

I don’t know the reason you are here. I don’t know the full reasons why I am here.

But you know. You know that you have something to give RIGHT NOW.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Be strong in yourself, even when others try to weaken you. Be able to know yourself, despite the millions of dollars that are spent on convincing you that you are imperfect and need something outside of yourself to be complete, successful, beautiful.

Look to the dying to see what their top regrets are and hasten to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Cherish your soul. Do not give it away, either fractionally or in whole, to anyone or anything. Serve your highest good, not someone else’s.

Know what you are good at. Do it. Practise it. Do not delude yourself with your own grandeur, but neither sell yourself short.

Can you be a leader, not by bluster but by example?

Then why aren’t you doing it? Yes, now.

Know that there are a thousand and a thousand more things who are trying to wear away your spirit — drop by sacred drop. Just because you don’t believe in them does not make them any less real. Shame, fear, hatred, insecurity — these all feed a beast that grows stronger with every broken promise and every curse. Even stronger with apathy and doing nothing to right a wrong.

Battles are not fought always on battlefields. They are fought in the hearts and minds of people. Where have you heard that phrase before?

People smarter than you or I have planned your demise by erosion many years before now.

If you ignore all “those crazy conspiracies” out of fear, you will harm yourself and others. Or would you rather wait until it’s too late to find out that yes, oh golly gee, it turns out that mercury (the second most toxic substance to humans) in your child’s vaccines really IS bad for them. Logic and intuition — yes, your gut — can be used to override the fear and discover your own truth, not what people tell you to believe.

What do you value most? Is friendship one of those things? Where are your friends? No, fer cripes sakes, not your Facebook friends, your real friends, for they are worth more than all the gold in the world. Friends who would risk their lives for you, or, sometimes harder, their pride.

Cultivate your friendships. Give yourself a reckoning as objectively as possible and see where you come up. Then, strive to make it better. Always. Always strive to make it better, even if you feel like you’re trying to empty the ocean with a dixie cup.

This lifetime is different from the others. It’s about subtleties, and exhaustion, and yes — boredom. Ennui. While some struggle for food and to stay safe, we fight the monster of insidious subliminal programming and mind control. Of little depravities, of the totalitarian tiptoe. Shhh, you’re not supposed to see them sneaking up on you.

Fight it. Take your mind back. Show them you have heart control and soul control, too.

You are here for a reason. And one of those reasons is love.

Maybe you’re here to be a bad guy. Some people are.

“I’m not here to be a bad guy!” you exclaim.

Fantastic — see, you already know one of the reasons why you aren’t here.

YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Figure out who you are, be the best YOU that you can be, and you will know why you are here.​