Truth feeder
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern was a guest on Alex Jones' show recently. He talked about a book by James Douglass entitled JFK and the Unspeakable. Ray summarized the book for the listener. He said that it was the
  • CIA
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • People suborned in the Secret Service
who planned and executed the assassination.

He said there were four reasons:

  1. Kennedy's refusal to support the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba
  2. His refusal to attack the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons over the Cuban missile crisis
  3. Kennedy secretly talking to Castro and Khrushchev
  4. His beginning to send troops home from Vietnam

Here is the link to the free audio. The discussion was on September 30, 2009, the 3rd Hour, between 10:05 and 15:46: