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In September 2012, Stephen Harper’s government expelled Iranian consulate staff and closed its embassy in Tehran. Harper was congratulated by the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and honored as “world statesman” by an American Jewish group – for Harper’s great services to Israel.

Some of the Canadian Jews who have played major part in anti-Iran campaign include former George Bush speechwriter David Frum who coined the anti-Iran phrase “Axis of Evil”, MP Irwin Cotler, MP Mark Adler and cabinet minister Joe Oliver.

On September 8, 2012, Toronto’s top anti-Muslim newspaper, National Post, published David Frum’s Israeli Hasbara post, entitled “Good riddance to Iranian diplomat“. In the post Frum lauded Stephen Harper government decision to sever diplomatic relation with the Islamic Republic by listing several Israeli lies about Iran – from supporting Hamas, Hizballah and carrying out terrorist activities against Israeli diplomats in India, Argentina, Thailand, etc.

Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources in Harper cabinet, recently ran an anti-Iran campaign by mailing David Frum’s said article to tens of thousands of Torontonians in his riding with a ‘Qustionaire’. Do you support closure of diplomatic ties with Iran? Oliver, as a nice Jew, gave three choices; YES, UNDECIDED or NO.

Ted Snider, a teacher at the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, is one of the reciepitant of Oliver’s mail campaign letter. His response to the said letter was published by Canadian on November 17, 2012 (I was banned on the site for saying the truth) – which can be read here.

Frum blames Iran for breaking international law by closing down both the US and Israeli embassies in Tehran just after the 1979 Islamic Revolution – and holding 52 American embassy staffers as spies. However, as a typical pro-Israel Jew propagandist, he ignores the fact that even Canada’s ambassador in Tehran during the US embassy scandal, Kenneth Taylor, admitted in 2010 interview that he was the CIA Station Chief in Iran while acting as Canadian ambassador.

Stephen Kinzer, a veteran Jewish journalist at the New York Times, had agreed with the Iranian students’ action citing how US embassy conspired to topple Iran’s democratically elected government in 1953 and re-installed US-Israel puppet King Reza Shah on the throne. In 2010, Kinzer wrote that Iran doesn’t have problem with Jews, Iran’s problem is western colonial agenda in the region.

Frum then repeats accusation against Iran for supporting Hizballah which is blamed for attacks on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994 attack on Jewish center AMIA by the US and Israel. However, both countries have failed to provide valid proof to the Argentinian authorities to back their allegations against Hizballah. Several independent researchers have claimed that like the 9/11, both of the terrorist attacks in Argentina were Israeli Mossad false flag operations.

Frum also accuses Tehran for attemting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Washington. Iranian Jewish specialist with the Congressional Research Service has argued that the plot story doesn’t make any sense based on Iran’s non-existent record of assassinations of foreign leaders. The Congressional Research Service costs US taxpayers more $112 million each year for providing ‘confidential reports’ to members of Congress on country’s foreign policy.

Contrary to Frum’s claim of Iranian plots to assassinate foreign diplomats in the US, India and Thailand – it has been proven beyond doubt that Israel has been involved in the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy, Hamas founder Sheikh Yasin, several Syrian and Hizballah leaders – and at least five Iranian nuclear scientists.

Canadian Jewish author Yves Engler in his latest book ‘The Ugly Canadian’ exposes Stephen Harper government’s all out war on Iran to please Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) blasted Harper government for its move to sever diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic.

“This perilous move by the Conservative government supports the most extreme elements in the Israeli government and their Canadian allies who are pushing for another Middle East war,” stated IJV spokesperson Sid Shniad.

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