You Need Proof? WELL Dutchsince has it! (HAARP,Weather mod/Chemtrails etc.)

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An awesome assemblage of proof for the weather modification tools at work today:

Want to know about Chemtrails, HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

These links below are for anyone still “on the fence” about weather modification / manipulation — also called Geo-engineering.
The process is simple.. globally, a project has been underway to spray particulate matter (aluminum dioxide, barium etc..) via aerosol distribution on airplanes. The small particles of aluminum and barium serve as a “blank slate” or a “palette” for weather modification frequency devices to use and manipulate the climate / weather of the planet.

Imagine it as such.. the aluminum and barium act as an ANTENNA that reaches EVERYWHERE that air reaches… this “loaded air” can be “heated” at any given point on the planet via ground and space based systems which basically act like a common household microwave (done via dishes, arrays, and other devices listed below).

There is another set of frequencies.. ULF.. “ultra low frequencies” which can cause earthquakes, and even COOL DOWN the atmosphere. Both types of frequencies, high/low are used to manipulate the natural environment.
The links below prove this 100%.

more here: