“There is no rivalry between us (Israel and Fatah). But we have a common enemy. We are in a very difficult battle. We’ve decided to battle to the end. Everything is open, everything is on the table. Hamas is the enemy, and we’ve decided to go to battle against it. It is a matter of self defense,” Abu el-Fatah, the commander of the Palestinian General Security Organization told Brigadier General Noam Tibon, Judea and Samaria Division commander, Yideot Ahronot, October 9, 2009.

On January 18, 2011 - Abbas government’s negotiator Saeb Erekat submitted a resolution to UN Security Council against new illegal Jewish settlements . The resolution has the support of more than 100 United Nations’ member countries. As expected, Hillary Clinton, as usual slammed its puppet Mahmoud Abbas for trying to condemn the Jewish settlements. In October 2009 – Hillary Clinton’s blackmail resulted in Mahmud Abbas’ withdrawing the Goldstone Report from being debated at the UNSC.

Many former US diplomats, jounalists, political analyst and even Jewish J-Street and Americans for Peace Now, in an open letter, have called on President Obama to withhold a US veto on a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building.

Aisling Byrne, a Project Coordinator with the Beirut-based think tank, Conflict Forum under the heading “Building a police state in Palestine” – has confirmed that the only attraction the Zionist entity has in the so-called the TWO-State solution, is that “it would emerge simply because it was in Israel’s demographic interest to give it. On this false premise, the Abbas-led Ramallah leadership embraced security collusion comprehensively. The western state-building project was conceived simply with the aim of providing Palestinian efficiency in the delivery of security collusion, nicely wrapped in a discourse of security reform and good governance. But the problem is that the underlying assumption — that Israel was going to give the Palestinians a sovereign state in its own interest – was false”.

The article exposes the huge corruption within Fatah and its leadership, especially how Mahmoud Abbas’ two sons made millions of dollars by using US and EU aid to their personal use including the military and security support PA received from the US and EU to work for Israel’s strategic interests in the region. Aisling Byrne may be ignorant of the fact that most of those crimes are quite known to the patriotic and educated Palestinians inside the Occupied Palestine and over six million Palestinians living in foreign countries.

But then is the situation any different when it comes to the leaders in the US and Israel or EU? Most of them work for the interests of a foreign entity (Israel), are corrupt to their teeth and morally bankrupted. The latest example is the former President of the Zionist entity, Moshe Katsav, who was convicted of rape of one of his employee and sexually abusing two others, only last month. Former US President Bill Clinton’a affairs with Israeli Mossad’s ‘honey-pot’, Monica Lewinski, is welknown. Even Israeli Rabbi Ari Shvat has called such practice as kosher. The Israel government is so corrupt that one-third of country’s annual military budget and healthcare is paid by the US taxpayers. Many Israeli politicians and military leaders have been investigated for money laundering and embezzling state funds.

Aisling Byrne claims that Fatah is holding over 10,000 of Hamas supporters in jails in the West Bank. So is Israel and the US with Muslim prisoners as young as 12-year-old.

The bottom line is – the US and Israel spends billions of dollars each year to prop-up corrupt secularist elites in most of Muslim countries and amongst the Muslim minority communities in the West and the rest of the world. Muslim world cannot have honest leadership, such as Hamas, Hizbullah and the Islamic Rebublic in every country. Furthermore, Judeo-Christian imperialism do need such sell-outs to carry-out its agenda of ‘divide and rule’.

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