Planet from another galaxy discovered

    Galactic cannibalism brings an exoplanet of extragalactic origin within astronomers' reach. An exoplanet orbiting a star that entered our Milky Way from another galaxy has been detected by a European team of astronomers using the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope at the European Southern...
  2. S

    Anyone know anything about the hollow earth theory?

    Anyone know anything about the hollow earth theory?
  3. Unhypnotized

    Scientists announce planet bounty – 32 exoplanets

    Astronomers have announced a haul of planets found beyond our Solar System. The 32 “exoplanets” ranged in size from five times the mass of Earth to 5-10 times the mass of Jupiter, the researchers said. They were found using a very sensitive instrument on a 3.6m telescope at the European...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Asteroid to hit Earth in 2036

    The date for Armageddon has been set, and it's not going to happen in 2012. In 2004, NASA scientists announced that there was a chance that Apophis, an asteroid larger than two football fields, could smash into Earth in 2029. A few additional observations and some number-crunching later...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Massive blast 'created Mars moon'

    Scientists say they have uncovered firm evidence that Mars's biggest moon, Phobos, is made from rocks blasted off the Martian surface in a catastrophic event. The origin of Mars's satellites Phobos and Deimos is a long-standing puzzle. It has been suggested that both moons could be asteroids...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Mysterious force holds back Nasa probe in deep space

    Researchers say Pioneer 10, which took the first close-up pictures of Jupiter before leaving our solar system in 1983, is being pulled back to the sun by an unknown force. The effect shows no sign of getting weaker as the spacecraft travels deeper into space, and scientists are considering the...
  7. Unhypnotized

    We Are Change San Francisco confronts David de Rothschild on Climategate, sustainabil

    Aaron Dykes Infowars.com August 3, 2010 Members of caught up with David de Rothschild, heir to the notorious Rothschild family, and asked him some relevant questions. Heir to a global system of manipulation, lies and enslavement for the average family, David de Rothschild has put his...
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    July 11 TOTAL solar eclipse USE IT!

    Sunday - 11 July 2010 The Total Eclipse of the Sun The Astronomy When a Total Solar Eclipse occurs on a NEW Moon a very special energy oftransformation occurs. On July 11 this will take place.Are you ready ? Take time for this day, and utilize its very extraordinary potentials for the...
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    Hercóbulus, Nibiru or Planet X

    Hercóbulus, is a giant planet larger than Jupiter and that is strange is that on a rocky Earth, which cause a solar eclipse that will last three days of darkness and weather conditions on earth, until finally hit the ground. Will not save or men's hat. But that's where the jamboree will last...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Scientists finds evidence of water ice on asteroid's surface

    April 28, 2010 Enlarge This image shows the Themis Main Belt which sits between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid 24 Themis, one of the largest Main Belt asteroids, was examined by University of Tennessee...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Getting WISE About Nemesis

    Size comparison of our Sun, a low mass star, a brown dwarf, Jupiter, and Earth. Stars with less mass than the Sun are smaller and cooler, and hence much fainter in visible light. Brown dwarfs have less than eight percent of the mass of the Sun, which is not enough to sustain the fusion reaction...
  12. New UFO Hunter

    8-9 Feet Entity Observed In Open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay

    'We are Not Alone', says NASA Veteran by Clark McClelland March 12, 2010 "In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle...
  13. CASPER

    Phobos flyby success

    Mars Express encountered Phobos last night, smoothly skimming past at just 42 miles (67 kilometers), the closest any man-made object has ever approached Mars' enigmatic moon. The data collected could help unlock the origin of not just Phobos but other "second generation" moons. Something is not...
  14. day

    Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis/Sedna - Updates 2010

  15. day

    Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive

    By Robert Roy Britt, LiveScience Senior Writer posted: 23 February 2005 02:20 pm ET A new type of organism discovered in an Arctic tunnel came to life in the lab after being frozen for 32,000 years. The deep-freeze bacteria could point to new methods of cryogenics, and they are the sort of...
  16. day

    How Old is the theory of Concentric Spheres?

    1878 - Symmes' Theory of Concentric Spheres by James McBride I kept thinking how familiar it sounded and remembered a couple of things that was pertinent to Symmes' theory of Concentric Spheres. when I was in university I came across a short article, which I dont have anymore about some of the...
  17. CASPER

    A little telescope goes a long way

    NASA astronomers have successfully demonstrated that a David of a telescope can tackle Goliath-size questions in the quest to study Earth-like planets around other stars. Their work provides a new tool for ground-based observatories, promising to accelerate the search for prebiotic, or...
  18. CASPER

    Glimpse the bright asteroid Vesta in February

    Throughout February, you'll be able to spot asteroid 4 Vesta easily through binoculars and even glimpse it with unaided eyes under a dark sky. The asteroid reaches opposition, and peak visibility, February 17/18. At that point, it will glow at magnitude 6.1. Vesta orbits the Sun, along with...
  19. R

    Asteroid-like comet P/2010 A2 What is it?

    Asteroid-like comet P/2010 A2 What is it? Thursday, February 4, 2010 Editors note: UFO has left scientists puzzled, it is NOT a comet streaking through space. It was first spotted early January 2010 so astronomers turned the Hubble telescope on it to get these close up images. The object...
  20. day

    Gravitational Force of the Sun

    Gravitational Force of the Sun Pari Spolter Copyright © 1993 by Pari Spolter ISBN 0-9638107-5-8 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 93-85943 A book report by John Lear Using extensive recent data, GRAVITATIONAL FORCE OF THE SUN presents the correct interpretation of Kepler’s third law...