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A mural in the heart of bohemian east London has caused uproar among local politicians and community leaders who have accused it of being anti-Semitic – in an area with a long Jewish and immigrant history.

The mural is work of internationally renowned LA-based graffiti artist Mear One (Kalen Ockerman 41), which depicts caricatures of wealthy Jewish men playing Monopoly, using the backs of hunched people as their table. In the background is a pyramid with an eyeball in it. To one side of the painting, a man holds up a placard that says: “The New World Order is the enemy of humanity.”

For his latest graffiti, Mear One has been honored for being an ‘anti-Semite’ by pro-Israel lobby groups and individuals. Mear One has defended his artwork claiming it represented the reality (1% vs 99%) and did not show hatred toward Jews. See Mear One’s artwork here. Also watch a video below.

Local councillor Peter Golds, who is Jewish and gay – has urged the police to investigate the artist under hate laws.

The Mayor of the local council (Tower Hamlets), Bangladesh-born Lutfur Rahman, has ordered the removal of the controversial mural immediately. The Mayor is hated by Israel-Firsters for his support for anti-Israel like former London Mayor Ken Livingstone and British MP George Galloway.

The mural became ‘double’ anti-Smitism because the property on which the moral was painted – is owned by a Bangladeshi Muslim Azmal Hussain, who operates Brick Lane restaurant Preem.

In August 2012 – the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache came under attack from European Jewish lobby groups for posting an anti-banker cartoon on the Facebook. The cartoon depicted a banker with a hooked nose and a Star of Zion cufflinks. He was being fed delicacies by a man who represented the government. The third figure was emaciated and poorly dressed with nothing more than a bone on his plate. He represented the 99% people. Watch the cartoon here.

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