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This is a brief and short little historical overview over the Life of Jesus, events that took place during and after his lifetime, how the Vatican used him to push forth a false religion of lies and deceit, and where we are today

Jesus was a common guy as anyone else, he just happened to be interested in the spiritual, occult, and such, and went around to study and practice these things for many years, which gave him the insights and understanding he had in his later years. He started while young teenager and returned as an adult when he felt it was time to spread some of what he had discovered.

He traveled a lot, was involved with many groups, took part in different spiritual practices, and discovered many things about himself and existence which he later on used as basis for teaching others, so that they too could have such experiences and progress spiritually.

He was not a Christian, and never said he was the Son of God. That's what the Christians made up. He did say that god is Everywhere though, and in Anyone. Everyone's sons and daughters of God, which was his whole point.

The whole reason he was captured and crucified was because he was NOT a Christian, meaning he would not call himself the word "Christian", but instead he was more individual, though part of other occult & esoteric groups, and seen as a threat because he made people aware of deeper truths and what was going on around them which would mean they would become more free if this spread and thus the Rulers would not be able to maintain the same level of control and power over the population. Christianity was mainly created and fabricated by the Roman catholics whom were in process already at the time to integrate and spread a new religious power seat to the world. Jesus was a great opportunity for them as they could get rid of a potential threat to their control and at the same time use him as the foundation for the new Religion of the World. So, that's what they did, and the rest is history, the Church and through the Vatican has now control over a really large part of the worlds population, whom they've fooled into believing a false story and "teachings" with so much lies and deception mixed with some bits of truth here and there that people fall for it and get sucked right into their claws.

Thus they maintain power and control, even increased it over the masses, and indoctrinates people through mind control and brainwashing to obtain specific beliefs and opinions and lifestyle, with a religion as the basis to satisfy their spiritual desires but is only based on faith and stories with nothing practical to it. The practical, and real spiritual sides of it all, they keep to themselves and use such for their own benefit, while keeping the population ignorant and clueless about anything truly spiritual or divine as the population are just there to be the foolish slaves that are easy to control and command.

So back to Jesus, what he taught was actual practical spiritual exercises that would let people in direct personal contact with the spiritual world, so that they would not need to depend on faiths and belief systems but rather on actual experience and facts and deep understanding and insights on reality, themselves, existence, and all their abilities. This sets people free and puts them out of the fake world that has been put upon them, and in turn makes them more individual and harder to control as it will be difficult to fool them with lies and deceit as they already know the real truth and would see such lies as nothing but lies.

That repeats itself up through history, and the Vatican always makes sure to get rid of such "unwanted elements" of society, as they did when invading the Americas and destroying the civilizations and people living there, whom were highly spiritually advanced with great understanding, and later on as they went on to hunt down and kill other spiritual groups and people that had a greater understanding, and they called these for "witches" and "sorcerers" as excuse to get them slaughtered.

Jesus and his disciples were part of a group working for truth and practical spirituality. When Jesus was crucified, they had to start hiding and continue their work in secret to not risk the same fate. That's how they turned to secret orders and societies to continue their work, and thus spread their teachings in silence hidden away from the public eye, to only carefully selected people that became members of the order. Orders from then are still active today and practicing and teaching these occult secrets and spiritual truths and practices within their closed circles.

When Jesus got crucified, he did not die. He was severely injured, but eventually taken down by some of his followers whom moved him to one of their locations, which is the cave described as Jesus's burial place in the Bible. This cave however was no burial place, but a place this order practiced their spiritual arts and took care of sick and injured people, among those were now Jesus. That is the reason for the "resurrection" as well, since he went to meet his fellow members, the disciples, some days later when he was healed enough and gotten the strength to be able to do so. That's why he still had the wounds fresh, since they were real wounds and he was there in physical person as he never died in the first place.

Plans and new arrangements were done and re-organization of their group and work put into effect, which led to the mentioned secret and hidden way of teaching through their own closed order. This was spread through different locations and places, by the disciples each one being responsible for each their area and serving as what can be called a "grand master" of the order for their specific locations. Thus they recruited new members in new places and kept spreading the true teachings hidden away from public.

Jesus himself went away from the public spotlight he had been in earlier, and started his own way of quiet work along with his disciples and other members of the order. He traveled and moved around these years after and until older age, both to learn new things himself, as well as spread his own teachings to different parts of the world organized through secret orders and societies. He married, and got kids, and lived a quiet life away from public yet kept active with his work in secret along with his groups that spread this around and also got it spread into the teaching systems of different other secret orders and societies, both older ones, and new ones that were founded later on.

The World Leaders, the Vatican and Church, have at the same time maintained their power and abuse, enslaving people, and practicing these very same spiritual systems themselves but only for their own gain and not for the benefit of anyone else. They got the Christian religion, the roman-catholic church, and the Vatican in place for the general population and later on also infiltrated other groups such as what is now various forms of "modern spirituality" , the New Age scene, and Alternative movement. Here in these groups, they spread their own material of lies, deceit and indoctrination to further blind and confuse and keep people away from the real truths.

So that's a general short historical overview from the time of Jesus and up to know and the Vatican's role in it all. Of course there are lots of extra details to it all, and other groups and orders now involved, but this is the more important core of it all.

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Jesus was a Hebrew believer in Moses' Law. It was St. Paul and not Jesus who established the modern Christianity. Jesus was not an ordinary man like you and me. His birth was a miracle and he was sent with a special purpose - to reform the Hebrew society and establish 'Kingdom of God'.

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This is no different in the way the music or movie industry works today, they basically create a following of people who worship an artist then they skew the message the artist was trying to portray for their own purposes.

People are starting to see through them now!