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As a former student at a Catholic Mission and an independent student of the Christianity in the West, I came to the conclusion long time ago that its leaders are judged not by how they serve their religion – but how they serves the state of Israel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury or leaders of Mormonism and Evangelism. Pope, as the head of over 1.1 billion Catholics (out of total Christian world population of 1.7 billion), the control of Vatican has always been crucial to Israel and the Zionists. My earlier posts on Papacy can be read here, here, here and here.

Seth Chalmer, assistant director at the Berman Jewish Policy Archives at NYU, posted on March 11, 2013, that major Jewish organizations would demand that the new Pope continue Vatican’s support for Zionist entity against Palestinians and curb antisemitism among the Catholics especially at the hierarchy. The lesser important demands would include interfaith dialogues between Christianity and Judaism, social and economic policy, and the place of religion in politics and the public square.

“The organized Jewish community will present a long wish list to the chief cleric of a religion in which it does not believe,” wrote Chalmer.

Then Chalmer narrates the Jewish demand when Benedict was sworn-in as the new Pope in April 2005.

“The Jewish Daily Forward quoted Rabbi Leon Klenicki, former director of interfaith affairs at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as saying, “If he stresses Jesus is the only way of salvation then we are in trouble. If he’s going to relate to the world Jewish community and others, he will have to work to reconsider his previous positions, especially vis a vis Jews and Judaism. Otherwise he is going to be a pope of the Middle Ages when he has to face the twenty-first century.” In other words, Rabbi Leon Klenicki, wanted Pope Benedict XVI to forsake the very basic principle of his faith to be accepted as a “civilized Christian” by the Jewish community.

Chalmer seems not far off my views when he says: “The nonsense begins when Jews try to tell Christians what kind of doctrine is better as Christianity. We have no more standing to do so than a Carmelite nun has to issue halakhic responsa“.

Watch below a brilliant video produced by Anthony Lawson to show how the Jews want the new Pope and Christians to support Israel against Palestinians, Iran and Syria.

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