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Early this year, Tehran had threatened to boycott 2012 London Olympics due to games’ objectionable official logo which looks like the word ‘ZION’ instead of ’2012′. However, as it stands now, Iranian atheletes may be competing in the event.

The British government has allocated nearly one billion dollars for the security of the event - more than 10% of Olympics total budget. However, the Israel-Firster government of David Cameron was not satisfied with the capability of UK’s own secret service (MI5) and invited Israeli Mossad to train MI5 operatives. Israeli daily, YNet had reported on May 12, 2011 that Mossad officials participated in a security drill at London’s Olympics park. The drill stimulated a scenario based on 1972 Munich Olympics, where atheletes were held hostages by (Palestinian) terrorists. The Munich hostage-taking was Mossad’s false flag operation to pit the West against Palestinians.

Earthlinggb’s blog posted an interesting background on this UK-Mossad cooperation, entitled Al-Qaeda given free pass to London Olympics, meaning Mossad is in fact Al-Qaeda.

The post revisits some of earlier terrorism carried out in British occupied Palestine by Jewish militants like Irgun, Stern Gang, Shomer and Haganah to name a few – which were renamed as ‘Israel Defense Force’ in 1948. In other words, the Zionist entity has maintained its existence on the model of earlier Jewish terrorist groups. Irgun and Stern Gang (Lehi) were jointly responsible for the Palestinian massacre in Deir Yassin.

Then the author moves to Mossad’s recent terrorist operations like September 11 in New York and July 7 in London, saying….

Who IS “Al Qaeda”? PLEASE don’t tell me you are still believing in the fairy stories of Muslim shepherds on horseback and shadowy sandal wearing, cave dwelling (caves that didn’t exist) bearded “ghosts” crying “Allah Akhbar”.

Please don’t tell me you believe in men, who are intelligent enough to not only fly planes and get passed the most severe security apparatus in the world but also are LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS students, that have a whole life ahead of them but they choose to commit suicide. I mean what the hell are you if you do believe this SHIT? As gullible as a 4 year old who believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy for god’s sakes?

Do you really believe this shit? Then seriously – go see a psychologist!”

All of a sudden. “Al Qaeda” was plotting everything from attacking the USA with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to blowing up the public toilets outisde Highbury stadium because they also found out Bin Laden was a Man U fan! Or perhaps that was a mistranslation! MI5 agents refuse to comment on the grounds of national security!

So, again, how is it that “Al Qaeda” is being given a free pass to the London Olympics?

Well here’s why: They aren’t called the ZION Olympics for nothing…..

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