• Humans used to live 900 years. The reason why we don't anymore is because we became capable of learning certain lessons, but chose not to. Thus, our planet's energy web became somewhat distorted.
  • Global warming exists because the earth is currently in transition into a higher dimension where it is impossible to caused disharmony. Thus, the remaining disharmony in the planetary web must be expressed.
  • The earth is honeycomb, having large open areas inside it. There are abandoned cities inside.
  • Most planets have a single race that evolved their and is native to it. Earth is unique in that most of it's inhabitants are from other planets.These include Maldek, now the asteroid belt, and Mars, whose inhabitants blew away it's atmosphere.
  • You are in Space/Time because there are three dimensions of space and only one of time (it being apparently only capable of moving forward). Physicists puzzle over the difference in number because space and time are absolutely equally necessary for reality. This is called the arrow of time problem. The solution is that there is an equivalent to Space/Time, called Time/Space, or the astral realms, with three dimensions of time and one of space. That is, all times are simultaneous and viewable but events are more or less unchangeable. The life review in NDE's is part of that.
  • Crystals and Pyramids are tools using Time/Space for an extremely wide variety of purposes. They work because the even geometry involved in our three dimensions of Space in Space/Time allows the influx of Time/Space, where time has three dimensions.
  • Ra uses the term "Intelligent Energy" to describe the energy used by the third eye. This may seem confusing, but is actually very precise. Note how Reiki practitioners believe Reiki energy is intelligent, or knows where to go and how to heal, regardless of where it is placed.
  • Atlantis existed. In it, crystal and pyramid technology was common. They were very spiritually advanced, but eventually abused their power, priests became involved in politics, and Intelligent Energy was used to create new life forms. (These are described in more detail by Edgar Cayce)
  • Everyone has a higher aspect of their self called the higher self, to protect and guide it. Note that your higher self is invulnerable to negativity and can expel all of them if asked, because it exists at a level which negatives cannot achieve.
  • Ra, the entity who channeled the Law of One, consists of Venusians who ascended to higher densities a very long time ago.
  • Ra is a part of the Confederation, a large group of positive civilizations from many different dimensions. The confederation has 53 civilizations and over 500 planets. Note that the average civilization has about 10 planets. Think of OUR future!
  • The Confederation has special computers that are capable of automatically channeling basic messages for those who request. These are used for very simple things, such as the need to mediate, because entities such as Ra are extremely capable and are better used helping more advanced students.