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“Patagonia belongs to Jews?”, an an Israeli living in Chile.

Abraham Foxman, the national director of powerful Israel lobby, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has called Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma, chairman Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chilean Senate, an ‘anti-Semite’, for blaming Israel for financing and sending military personnel to set fire in the environmental preserve of Torres del Paine Park in the Chilean Patagonia.

Chilean Rep. Fuad Chahin (Christian Democratic Party) posted a comment on Twitter questioning whether the alleged perpetrator was indeed a tourist and suggested he might have been sent by the State of Israel after “killing Palestinian children.”

ADL statement equated the remarks with the old-time anti-Semitic ‘Andinia Plan’. Last year, Dr. Adrian Salbuchi, a geo-political analyst told Jeff Rense that Theodor Herzl’s dream of a Jewish homeland out of Europe was in Patagonia and not in Palestine. He later changed his view under pressure from other leaders of the World Zionist movement. Adrian Salbuchi also claimed that young Israeli tourists have plotting out and surveying Patagonia for decades – and Jewish billionaires George Soro and Ted Turner have bought land there. The area is considered to be rich in oil reserves. Watch a video below.

On January 1, 2012 – Chilean security force personnel arrested a Jewish tourist, Rotem Singer, an Israeli military personnel for allegedly setting the massive wildfire on December 28, 2011 that has ravaged tens of thousands of hectares of pristine forest in Patagonia. Under Israeli pressure, Singer was released on bail under restrictions not to leave the area for a period of three months. In an interview with Israeli Army Radio, he claimed that he was innocent and was set-up to demonize Israel and Jews.

“I was provided with a local lawyer who spoke only Spanish which I am not fluent. The bystanders cursed me and I was really scared that they would hit me as well,” Singer told Army Radio.

On Friday, to the great relief of the local Jewish community, Chilean billionaire President Sebastian Pinera, blamed a Mapuche Indian group that has long struggled to regain its ancestral lands for starting the blaze that killed seven firefighters. Sebastian Pinera is scheduled to visit Israel and the West Bank in March. Chilean government has recognized a free and sovereign Palestinian state, following the lead by its neighbors, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

Chile is home to 75,000 Jews some of whom held top political, social and military positions. The Communist Party and Socialist Party in Chile have always been dominated by European Jewish immigrants. During the last years of Nazi rule, many members Zionist movement in Europe had emmigrated to Chile where they created local branches. Under the presidency of both Salvador Allende and General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, Jews held several important posts. During the last period of the Pinochet, Sergio Melnik, a Chabad member was minister of the Office of Economic Planning of Chile.

With the majority of the Patagonian fire under control, 70 percent of the Torres del Paine park is set to be reopened. Close to 30,000 jobs are in jeopardy due to the fire, as is local development, given that tourism to the region accounts for some US$200 million annually.

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