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On October 5, 2010, one of America’s most powerful Jewish lobby groups working for the Zionist entity, ADL, published a report which blames Iran’s Press TV for propagating ‘conspiracy theories’ against Jews and Israel. ADL has also claimed that Press TV gives air-time to some of the well-known Jew and Israel haters, who claim that Jews are somehow responsible for all that is wrong in the world through their control of the media, politics and other sectors.

ADL report has divided its anti-Semitism charges againt Press TV into four categories:

1. Allegation of Zionist Control over World Events.

2. Allegation of “Israeli Lobby” Control of America.

3. Allegation of Excessive Jewish/ /Zionist Influence as a Result of Disproportionate Wealth.

4. Allegations of “False Flag” Conspiracy Theories.

The Jew-haters speakers on the Press TV, according to ADL include Gordon Duff (for saying: “Zionists, NATO real culprit behind anti-Islam plots”), Dr. David Duke (for saying: “Zionist fingerprints all over 9/11 attacks”), Ismail Salami (for saying: “Iran war: Countdown to Israel doomsday”), Mark Dankof (for saying: “US, Israel plan Assad removal to hurt Iran” and “Israeli lobby ultimate winners of US election” and US is in Bahrain for Israel”), Peter Eyre (for saying: “Zionists behind Saudi-Bahrain merger scheme”), Dr. Kevin Barrett (for saying: “Syria destabilization only serves Israeli right wing Likud extremist interests”), Dr. Franklin Lamb (for saying: “Netanyahu to Obama on election: When we say jump, you say how high?”), Bruce Katz (for saying: “I wouldn’t say Israel is running the US, I would say Jews in America are running the US. Israel is a euphemism for that”), J. Bruce Campbell (for saying: “US complicit in USS Liberty, 9/11 attacks”) and Joachim Martillo (for saying: “Jews Behind the Collapse of the Financial System in the US and Worldwide”).

Strangely, Abraham Foxman forgot to criticize Rep. Ron Paul and professor James Fetzer (University of Minnesota-Duluth) for appearing on Press TV. Last November, Fetzer blamed US security services for mishandling the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

“We are seeing the increase in militarization of the police forces throughout the United States and that is a very bad tendency that has been taking place since 9/11. We see the rich getting richer and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. This gap has been widening since the administration of Ronald Reagan,” said Fetzer.

I know, telling the truth to Zionism’s highest paid propagandist, Abraham Foxman, is like singing in front of holy Cow. However, for the readers of this blog, I submit some ‘forbidden facts’.

1. The governments leaders in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland and Israel, are – all committed Zionists (both Jews and Christians) and anti-Muslims.

2. Have anyone ever heard of US presidential candidates visiting Vatican or Makkah as they visit Israel to beg for Zionist regime’s blessings? Stephen M. Walt and John Mearsheimer in book ‘The Israel Lobby’ have document the absolute power of Israel lobby groups over the US political landscape. Jeff Gates wrote in 2009 an article, entitled ‘How the Israel Lobby Took Control of US Foreign Policy‘, which can be read here.

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Richard Nixon and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, wrote recently: “Billions of dollars have been spent on political propaganda, but not a single important issue has been addressed. The closest the campaign has come to a political issue is which candidate can grovel the lowest at the feet of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. Romney won that contest. But for the rest, well, it is like two elementary school children sticking their tongues out at one another”.

3. Joel Stein, the Jewish journalist with the L.A. Times and Time magazine, wrote in L.A. Times on December 19, 2008 – saying the Americans who think the Jew do not control Hollywood and media are just plain ”dumb”. Stein even claimed that Abraham Foxman told him: “All eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish”.

Professor Kevin MacDonald says: “In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel US foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world.”

According to some US finacial sources, more than half of billionaires at the Wall Street are Jewish.

4. When it comes to Israeli false flag operations, one can write a book on it. “A series of CIA memos released last year, describe how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran,” Foreign Policy magazine, January 13, 2012.

Israel is known to have supplied arms and military training to rebels, terrorists and dictators in the US, Sudan, Syria, Kurds (in Turkey, Iraq and Iran), Britain (7/7), Burma, Argentina, Philippine, Kosova, Nigeria, India, Georgia, Uganda, South African apartheid regime, Egypt (church bombing), Indonesia (Bali bombing), Libya, Dubai, Lebanon (Beirut US barack bombing and Rafik Hariri’s assassination), Islamic Republic, Spain (Madrid train bombing), Pakistan, Yemen (USS Cole bombing), Malaysia, and Kenya.

The ADL claims to have trained over 45,000 American law enforcement officials through its Law Enforcement and Society program, which “draws on the history of the Holocaust to provide law enforcement professionals with an increased understanding of…their role as protectors of the Constitution,” the group’s website stated. All new FBI agents and intelligence analysts are required to attend the ADL program, which is incorporated into three FBI training programs. According to official FBI recruitment material, “all new special agents must visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to see firsthand what can happen when law enforcement fails to protect individuals.”

Iranian Press TV is not licensed to operate in the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Australia and many other European countries. Britain and Germany were the only two western nations which had given licenses to Press TV to operate – but later under constant pressure from the Jewish lobby groups, both Britain and Germany cancelled the licenses.

ADL propagandists know that as long as there is no diplomatic relations between US and Iran – there is no chance that Washington would let Press TV to tell the truth about Israel and its American collaborators. However, they’re affraid that America’s blind support for Israel has reached its limit – and soon Washington is bound to change its anti-Iran policy. That’s the reason behind this latest Foxman’s whining.

Iran closed its embassy in Washington in 1980. Iranian interests in the US are looked after by Turkey since then.

ADL: ‘Press TV promotes anti-Semitism’ | Rehmat's World