All matter consists of "mini-black holes?
May 20/2009


In the 70s, Stephen Hawking has suggested that it was lousy with mini black holes in the universe, who created it during the big bang. Just after the big bang the universe experienced a period of rapid expansion, with a violent impact on the present matter might have had. In this way, many black holes of very small size can be formed - so small that they are even seen by microscopes would be invisible. But as these black holes surround us everywhere, it would be the basic structure of the universe to form?

Black holes are areas with such high gravity that nothing can escape: not even the light. Now, regular black holes of relatively large size, which certainly applies to the super massive galaxies samples anchor. Evidence for very small black holes is still not found.

Moreover, the current scientific models do not allow mini-black holes, formed in the big bang, still exist. That is because the gravity is very weak on subatomic scale, so that the gravity of mini-black holes must be very weak. Then a small black hole quickly evaporate by a process called Hawking radiation.

Now some physicists claim that at the smallest scale, the Planck scale, gravity regains its strength. This theory is linked to the snarentheorie, which states that in addition to the four visible dimensions further 7 invisible dimensions exist. Within this higher dimensional space gravity greater role to play. Now these dimensions are considered to "reduced" to be folded, as it were, making them only the very smallest scale "feel" can be.


Since the extra dimensions on the Planck scale are important, the Planck scale, the level at which gravity can be important again. If that is true, then the existence of stable mini-black holes suddenly due to the possibility. Now some astronomers tried the properties of these black holes to calculate (or approximate). This shows that mini-black holes are very varied. Since the space on this level is quantified, can mini-black holes on all energy levels.

The physicists in question predict a huge number of mini-black holes, with all energy levels. Since this type of black holes actually point particles (as fundamental subatomic particles such as quarks and electrons) provides a fascinating hypothesis on, maybe it is all matter made up of various forms of stable mini-black holes!

The physicists write the following: "At first glance, this bizarre scenario, but that is not the case. This is exactly what can be expected as evaporative black holes to leave a residue that fits within quantum mechanics. This gives a whole new vision of the evaporation process of large black holes, which actually might not differ from the related phenomenon of the decay of subatomic particles.

The originators of this hypothesis indicate that the evidence is still to be obtained by future experiments. This evidence may be provided by the Large Hadron Collider, which is the required energy levels for the formation of mini black holes to obtain.


Original Source: Universe Today

Source: astrostart