Amazing octopus UFO filmed by child in Brazil, video


Amazing octopus UFO filmed by child in Brazil, video
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michael Cohen

This AMAZINGLY clear video of a shape-shifting UFO was sent in to us by a reader. Allegedly it was filmed in Rio in Brazil by a child but we can not confirm this. It is certainly a cut above your average UFO video and no one can accuse it of being nothing more than a fuzzy blob of light. The image begins as a "jellyfish" shaped craft and then transforms into an 'octopus' UFO (watch the whole video for the full effect).
We have no idea if it is real (it sure looks real) or fake nor do we have any idea if it is already a well known video amongst UFO researchers. If any one does have any information on the video please contact us.
In Brazil UFOs have been declared real by the Air Force and the area is a hotbed of supposedly extra terrestrial activity. Many believe a UFO base exists in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Source: allnewsweb

YouTube - Spiked UFO Brazil