apan Prepared To Shoot Down N Korea Missile


Japan Prepared To Shoot Down N Korea Missile

Japan Prepared To Shoot Down N Korea Missile

Sky News
Friday, March 13, 2009

With the launch date of North Korea’s long-range missile getting ever closer, Japan has warned it is prepared to shoot down the rocket to protect its territory.

North Korea’s generals said any attempt to intercept the missile would be regarded as “an act of war.”

Kim Jong Ill’s regime said the launch of the Taepodong 2 missile is set for April 2-8.

The projectile will fly over Japan where the rocket’s first stage is expected to fall in waters 75 miles off its north-western coast.

The other “danger zone” lies out in the Pacific Ocean halfway between Japan and Hawaii.

North Korea has notified the International Maritime Organisation of the specific locations that could be struck by falling debris.

The launch confirmation from Pyongyang was met with anger in Tokyo.

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