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"Mary", caller to the Power Hour on March 30, 2009, gives many details that the Dept of Homeland Security is transporting and distributing bird flu in mass quantities.
Further information: Truckers Unwittingly Used to Transport Dangerous Avian Flu Materials?
Call Genesis Communications, The Power Hour, 877-817-9828, with any further information or tips you may have.
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Very interesting video, is bird fly coming?


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This pod cast is about bird flue virus being distributed in flue vaccines in Europe and many other countries in the world there is some very disturbing things going on with the elites of the world and it is high time we wake up and unite and try to make a fundamental change in the ways that we think and perceive our future for generations to come.

This very web site is a sheer sign that we the people are very concerned with what is happening today, so people tell everyone you see that will take the time out to listen..don't be discouraged because this movement is growing in staggering proportions and we are winning you can see this with everything that is happening around you today is happening in rapid succession.

We the people are frightening them (elites) this is why this has come to be take care everyone a keep looking out for one another

This video has some vulgar language a note for some watchers out there.

YouTube - NA: Adam Curry and John Dvorak about the baxter case.
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