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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just lucky I guess.

And we should thank those 19 Muslim daredevils and Bin Laden for suspending the laws of physics and bringing down WTC 1 & 2 so neatly straight down in a pile and for
so that there wasn’t as much debris to pick up.

Had the 110-story Twin Towers fallen over sideways, they would have caused massive destruction in lower Manhattan, destroying dozens of other buildings and killing tens of thousands of people.

Those guys had it out for Larry Silverstein. They destroyed all of his properties on the morning of 9/11 except one, building 7, but finally got it to collapse around 5:20 that afternoon.

Bin Laden had to have been cussing and fussing most of the day about Flight 93 getting shot down. You know, the plane that was supposed to have hit building 7, the Grand Finale, the trifecta.

But just as luck would have it, all it really took was a few fires, no plane needed, and building 7 just fell into its footprint and at near free fall speed. I can hear Bin Laden as he watched the event on his big screen TV in his cave saying; “Whew … about time.”

I like this new video (below) from BuildingWhat. They’ve taken out the sound so there’s no distraction from the visuals and you can focus on the collapse.

But I’m still confused. Every television news and talk radio show these days says “the Muslims did 9/11″ and “remember the twin towers” but they never mention building 7. You would think that in these Islamophobia times they would be screaming about this also. We should send this video to every talking head in the country and demand that they cover this little known travesty as yet another warning.

Why, if the Muslims can cause this unbelievable occurrence there’s no telling what else they can pull off … or
would say.


the land of narratives

The other day I lamented that the sources are never good enough for people who don’t want to see the truth. If someone wants to believe that the economy will recover and cave-dwelling Muslims did 911 and the judicial system works and all soldiers are boy scouts, their minds will remain impervious to the truth. These Americans believe the onus lies on those who question, not on those who accept. We are all innocent until proven guilty, right? Not exactly. But just so, in the land of narratives, the happy narratives must be true until proven otherwise. And if you suggest that anyone might be guilty of something, other than the Muslims of course, they want proof. Iron clad proof. Like whip some classified documents out of your pocketbook or something. Otherwise shut up. Whack job.

Citing source data is the “scientific method,” but does not seem to apply to “Conspiracy Theories.” A thousand sources may be quoted, yet will not convince the “skeptics,” the “realists.”
~ William Blase, from The Council on Foreign Relations and The New World Order
And if you provide proof they will not read it. That’s a lot of work you know. Or if they do, they will say you can find anything on the internet, so therefore the links are tainted and not to be trusted. The internet is full of garbage. A rebuttal always lies close at hand. At the same time, the internet is great because that internet taint only affects the conspiracy theorists who make disparaging remarks about sacred truths. And if Osama issues another warning from the grave, you can take it to the bank and deposit it with your worthless inflated dollars that the fed created out of thin air, and lay your untroubled head on your pillow knowing that our soldiers are out there fighting for our freedom to have illegal drugs. Sweet dreams in the insane land of narratives.
from A. Peasant