Canada Declares BPA Toxic. Why Isn’t the US Following Suit?


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Dr. Joseph Mercola
November 3, 2010

Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in an enormous number of products. It’s in nearly everyone’s bloodstream. And now, Canada has declared BPA a toxic substance, both to the environment and to public health.

Canadian officials said that the declaration is the first step toward better BPA regulation. Now that the chemical is classified as toxic, it’s easier for the Canadian government to ban BPA in specific products. Canada has already banned BPA in baby bottles, and the new listing will likely bring an end to all food-related uses for BPA in the country.

Writing in Time Magazine, Bryan Walsh reports:
“The Canadian move was done in the face of intense opposition from the chemical industry, which was quick to respond to the decision …
What’s clear, however, is that there is a growing public concern about the possible impact of chemicals in the environment — especially on pregnant women and developing fetuses …