Canada refuses Galloway entry
Sun, 22 Mar 2009


Gallloway, left, travelled to Gaza last week to give aid to Palestinians after Israel's war [Gallo/Getty]

This is what’s happening now, to corporate flunky states – they’ve lost track of the fact that most of the world isn’t being fooled anymore. They think most of the world — or anyone who really matters, at any rate — thinks Hamas is a terrorist organization and that all Palestinians are, essentially, Hamas.

That’s why they think they can get away with blackballing Galloway for speaking out against the corporate occupation of Afghanistan.

Because they think everyone thinks he’s a known associate of known “terrorists”.

We don’t know how many Canadians are in touch with the outside world. But I have been surprised here in the United States at otherwise seemingly intelligent adults who still swallow and perpetuate the myths of Al Qaeda and 911.
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By Agencies
Republished from Al Jazeera

Never has it been more embarrassing to be a Canadian.

George Galloway, the British politician, has been barred from visiting Canada on grounds that he is a threat to national security, the Canadian immigration minister’s office has said.

“I’m sure Galloway has a large rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world, willing to roll out the red carpet for him,” Alykhan Velshi, spokesman for Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, said on Friday.

“Canada, however, won’t be one of them,” he added.

Galloway was to give a speech in Toronto at the end of the month, but has been denied entry over his opposition to Canadian troops in Afghanistan, the UK’s Sun newspaper reported.

Velshi said Galloway was deemed inadmissible to Canada due to national security concerns.

It was an “operational decision” by border security officials “based on a number of factors, not only those mentioned in the Sun piece,” he said.

Last week, Galloway traveled to Gaza at the head of a humanitarian convoy.

He praised the Palestinian “resistance” and condemned Israel’s 22-day offensive launched in December, in which 1,300 Palestinians died.

The British MP also donated thousands of dollars and dozens of vehicles to the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip.

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