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The Zionist regime is furious over European Union (EU) for refusing once again to bow to Zionist pressure and declare Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah a “terrorist organization”. Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sure that after a pro-Israel Bulgarian official blamed Hizballah being behind Israeli bus bombing in Burgas – will be a proof enough to convince the EU.

The allegations announced by Bulgarian interior minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov were challenged by Bulgarian opposition leader Sergei Stanishev, saying: “It is obvious that Bulgaria’s government has chosen a political approach and is only repeating the interpretation alleged by Israel on the very next day following the attack, when the investigation had not even started“.

On February 19, 2013, Netanyahu sent his Home Front Minister Avi Dichter to Paris to seek French pro-Muslim Jewish President Francois Hollande‘s help in this urgent matter. However, Dichter failed. Paris is still reluctant to make such a stupid move just to please the Zionit regime.

“Hizballah is Israel’s eternal foe, and is the ally of Iran and Syria, and there is no question that they are behind the attacks that have occured over the past few decades,” Dichter told reporters in Paris. Dichter, of course wouldn’t know that in 2003, a poll taken among 15 EU nations, named Israel the greatest threat to world peace.

“What upset me the most, is the distinction being made between military and political wings of Hizballah. It’s a farce in and of itself,”said Dichter. His frustration is understandable as Hizballah is the only Arab militia which has defeated the ‘mighty Jewish army’ in Sumer 2006.

Dichter insisted that Europe is a key source of funding for Hizballah, and if declared a “terroristed organization”, Hizballah will face a financial crisis. Intrestingly, Zionist propagandists have always claimed that Iran is the main financial backer of Hizballah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Iran can easily replace the European funds. But, money is not the reason the Zionists are whining about Hizballah. It’s Hizballah military muscles which scared the hell out of the Jewish army. Speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv on July 12, 2012 – former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert admitted that he waged 34-day war against Lebanon in 2006 – not to free the two Israeli soldiers captured by Hizballah but to destroy Hizballah as a resistance millitia. He also admitted that the Jewish army failed to defeat Hizballah.

France and Germany, in particular, have been reluctant to go along with the Zionist regime on this matter due to their concern about the safety of 1,200 French troops stationed along Israel-Lebanon border serving as part of the UNIFIL peace-keeping forces.

Last year, Dutch Jewish foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal, at the UN headquarters in New York, had demanded that EU should declare Hizballah a “terrorist organization” for supporting Bashar assad regime in Syria. Pending the outcome of the Argentina bombing, Rafik Hariri assassination (STL) and Burgas bombing, Uri Rosenthal cannot convince EU governments to take dictation from Israel on Hizballah.

Gareth Porter, an independent American investigative reporter and historian has challenged Israeli and Bulgarian “official verdict” against Hizbullah. “European ministers who demand hard evidence of Hizballah involvement are not likely to find it in the Bulgarian reporton the investigation, which has produced no more than an “assumption” or “hypothesis” of Hizballah complicity,” says Porter. Read Porter’s article at the ‘Inter Press Service (IPS)’, dated February 18, 2013, here.

Israel has succeeded in getting Hizballah declared a “terrorist organization” in the US, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Netherland. Other than the Dutch and Britain – all the EU nations – even those which fell under Jewish lobby pressure to blacklist Hamas and Islamic Jihad – has resisted pressure from the US, Holland and the Zionist regime to do the same to Hizballah.

Obama’s advisers like Hillary Clinton, Jefrey Feltman, John Kerry, John Brennan, Gen. David Petraeus – and nearly 80 out of 100 Senators have supported Israel’s case against Hizballah.

EU refuses to declare Hizballah a