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Radio-Canada is French-language arm of Canadian government broadcaster, CBC. Its reporter Ginette Lamarche have been under fire, recently, from Zionist media watchdog, the ‘Honest Reporting Canada (HRC)’ for sending pro-Palestinian reports from Israel.

In one of her reports, aired in December 2011 – Lamarche claimed that “many Palestinians spend a good part of their youth in jail for participating in a demonstration or throwing stones”. HRC in its complaint has claimed that Lamarche’s reporting was anti-Israel as the stone throwers only spend seven months behind bars, with the longest sentence consisting of 15 months.

Last month, HRC along with five other Canadain Jewish groups slammed Mayor Stéphane Gendron of Huntingdon, a small town 75 kilometres southwest of Montreal for making anti-Israel comments on the ‘Face à Face’ talk-show on V Television Network .

The Mayor called Israel an apartheid regime and a country that doesn’t deserve to exist. He also said he supports a boycott of a store in Montreal that sells Israeli-made shoes. (watch a video below).

Michelle Whiteman of Honest Reporting Canada, said Gendron’s public position makes his opinions particularly troubling. She demanded that Gendron to be fired and for the network to apologize.

I bet Mayor Gendron is not invited by Canada’s Israel-Firster prime minister Stephen Harper to dine with Israeli prime minister Benji Netanyahu on March 2 in Ottawa. Harper is a close ally of the Zionist regime against Iran. Harper told CBC last month: “Their statements imply to me no hesitation about using nuclear weapons if they see them achieving their religious or political purposes. And – I think that’s what makes this regime in Iran particularly dangerous“.

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