Chuck Hagel: “US is committed to protect Israel"


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As I predicted in one of my earlier posts, the US secretary of state Chuck Hagel, has changed since he came into power. Last month when he visited the Zionist entity – he confirmed my opinion that he will turn into “Israel’s man in the Pentagon”.

On April 22, AP reported that Chuck Hagel during his visit to the Hall of Names at Yad Vashem’s Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem, he hoped not only for a nonmilitary way to ending threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, but also emphasized Washington’s policy to let Israel decide whether and when it might strik Iran in self-defense.

The next day, Hagel assured paranoid Israeli leaders that Obama administration is committed to “preserving and improving” Israel’s military edge in the Middle East. He also visited Golan Heights, an area along Syrian border that Jewish army occupied during the 1967 War of Aggression.

Ahead of Chuck Hagel’s first visit to the Zionist entity as US secretary of state – Reuters reported on April 19, 2013 that Washington has decided to sell $10 billion worth arms to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Zionist entity will receive $5 billion worth of V-22 Osprey aircraft, advanced refueling tankers and anti-air defense missiles – naturally, paid by the US taxpayers in addition to Washington’s $3 billion annual military aid to the Jewish army. Saudi Arabia and the UAE will pay $5 billion to buy weapons with “stand off” capibilities, such as, 25 F-16 Desert Falcon jets.

“This is one of the most complex and carefully orchestrated arms sale packages in American history,” one of the officials said. “That’s not just because of the kinds of equipment that we’re providing to Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. It’s also a reflection of intensive defense shuttle diplomacy. This not only sustains but augments Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region,” said annonymous defense officials, quoted by the Reuters.

On May 5, The Sunday Times, reported that Israel is working on a defense pact with Turkey, Saudi Arabi, Jordan and UAE to create an anti-Iran military alliance, aimed at setting up an early warning sysrem to detect Iranian ballistic missiles.

“Israel believes President Barack Obama has no appetite for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. That’s why Americans are working on a regional alliance to deter and contain Tehran,” the newspaper quoted an Israeli official.

An Israeli official also said the deal would be paid for by American military grants, of which Israel receives more than any other country. In 2007, the US agreed to military aid worth US$30 billion over 10 years. The White House has proposed giving Israel US$3.4 billion this year, the highest figure ever.

“Washington’s aim in signing these weapons sales is to arm regional proxies for regime change in Iran, along the lines of its policy in relation to the Assad regime. Sponsorship by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and others has resulted in multimillion-dollar funds to pay the salaries of the Syrian anti-government militias and provision of weapons and equipment, coordinated by the CIA,” said Jean Shaoul on April 25, 2013.

For nearly 20 years, the US and its allies, most notably the Zionist entity, have claimed that Iran’s nuclear program is directed at producing nuclear weapons, and that it is only a year or so away from being able to produce such a weapon. Iran has repeatedly denied the charge, insisting the program is for energy and medical purposes.

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