Is US losing Saudi Arabia to Russia?


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Obama administration officials and former diplomats have stated their concern over two recent news items from Riyadh.

First, on August 16, King Abdullah officially warned the world that supporting the deposed democratically elected government of Morsi against the military coup – amounts to supporting terrorists. To make his threat stick, Riyadh promised the military junta $12 billion aid plus to make-up for annual US bribe of $1.3 billion to keep peace with Israel.

The Zionist regime showed its approval of King’s statement. Turkey’s prime minister Erdogan, who supports Muslim Brotherhood, accused the Zionist entity being behind the military coup in Cairo.

Second, on July 31, Saudi intelligence chief, prince Bandar bin Sultan met Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. According to Jewish advocacy group, Washington Institute (Agust 8, 2013), Bandar ”offered to buy $15 billion worth of weapons from Moscow and avoid threatening Russia’s postion as main natural gas supplier to Europe, in return for Russia easing its strong supprt for Assad regime”. However, it seems Putin did not take the Saudi bribe.

Charles W. Freedman, former America’s Jewish ambassador to Saudi Arabia and currently vice-chairman and lifetime director of Atlantic Council, claims that Saudi King’s warning shows ‘Saudi royals’ growing exasperation with US policy in the Middle East, especially not containing Iranian influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian Territories (Hamas and Islamic Jihad).

Any political aware person in the East will tell you, the ‘Saudi royals’ has too much in common with Israel and the US that they will never join the Russian camp. Jewish author Arthur Herman in an article at FoxNews on January 31, 2013 claimed that the Arab Spring has made Israel more stronger than before.

“The Arab Spring has spawned a chaos and instability in every country it’s touched, that’s going to grind on for years to come. A new report warns that Egypt is on the verge of collapse; Israel’s old adversary Syria, already is. Both are also very likely headed toward economic ruin–as has already happened to Israel’s other foe, Hamas in Gaza, and could hit Iran next,” he wrote.

Both Saudi Arabia and Israel support military coup in Egypt, anti-Assad rebels – and both consider Iran and Hizbullah as their top enemies. Both also hate Shia government of al-Maliki in Baghdad.

On September 30, 2012, Opinion Maker Org posted an article, entitled ‘The Saudi Royals are Traitor to Islam’. The article claimed that Riyadh would do anything to destroy Iran under Islamic rule.

“In many ways, the Saudis are just as despicable as the Zionist Israelis in their wanton disregard for the human and humane rights of others in that entire region. With the oil wealth, the Middle East could be booming but certain parties want that wealth and their people get to eat cake, what little of it there is handed down from their not so benevolent Royal leaders,” said the author.

On August 22, 2013, journalist Mohamed Khodr, in an article accused the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia being the top enemies of Muslims and Islam. Read the article here.

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