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Chuck Hagel who was painted as “Jew-hater, anti-Israel, pro-Iran and receiving funds from Hamas”, has finally learned how to keep his new job for a while. In order to please his pro-Israeli opponents, on Tuesday, Chuck Hagel invited and ‘huged’ Israel’s out-going foreign minister Gen. Ehud Barack. Barack was in Washington to address the AIPAC annual policy conference. Barak’s entire speech was centered against the Islamic Republic. He pleaded Obama administration to “build a regional security framework” against Iran.

Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on March 5, that after “hugs and Kisses” Hagel held a 2-hour-long meeting with Barak and assured him that the recent $85 billion budget cuts would not affect $3 billion annual aid to Israel.

“Hagel assured Barak during their meeting that he was committed to the security of Israel and of preserving the Israel Defense Forces’ qualitative advantage over the armies of the Arab world. He also said that he would work to ensure that US funding toward Israel, particularly with regard to its defense systems, would continue despite fiscal uncertainty,” reported Ha’aretz.

Lawerence Korb, is a Zionist Jew and former top official at the Pentagon. Currently, Korb is a senior fellow at two Israeli advocacy groups, Center for American Progress and Council on Foreign Relations, has claimed that Hagel wouldn’t carry revenge against Israel or Israel lobby groups for their venomous campaign against Hagel in the recent past. “Everything what happened in recent months means nothing now. Chuck Hagel is not the kind of guy who will try to get back at people” said Korb.

In other words, Korb believes that even insulting Chuck Hagel with “antisemite” label by influential Jewish leaders like Abraham Foxman (ADL) and convicted Elliot Abrams (CFR), will not affect Hagel’s support for the Zionist regime.

Minister Louis Frarrakhan talked about Chuck Hagel and the Zionist grip on the US administration during his speech at the NOI’s annual Saviours Day Convention. Watch the video below.

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