I have yet to watch the videos on this site and it looks like they have a lot. However this site looks really interesting and maybe some very valuable information here.

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Site description:

CONSCIOUS.TV - Consciousness, Healing, Psychology is a new TV channel which will broadcast as an Internet TV channel, and also as a 'microchannel' on satellite. The three areas that the channel will cover are Consciousness, Healing and Psychology. is particularly interested in showing and making programmes on subjects that are not covered on existing television channels.
We aim to provide information, interviews, discussions and in-depth programmes on different subjects such as meditation, spiritual practices and teachers, yoga; the many different kinds of alternative healing and the stories of healers themselves, plus psychological conditions such as addiction, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress. We will talk to people that have recovered from serious illness and find out how they recovered. We will interview people that have had significant changes in their lives, discover what caused those changes, and how they dealt with them. aims to stimulate, debate, question, enquire into, inform, enlighten; encourage and inspire.