Do not wait another day (Emmanuel 15-11-2009)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Questioner: I have some questions about the Moon ... is that artificial?

Emmanuel: The word "artificial" exists only in the third density. The Universe is nothing "artificial".

Your Moon is older than your solar system, it was built by a highly intelligent race and it was the turn of the Earth associated with the primary aim of speed of your planet to slow.

Questioner: When was the Moon in Earth's circulation?

Ans: You Mon was 1.7 billion years ago, put in your solar system. At that time the Moon was much closer to Earth than it is today and she was "programmed" to 30 Earth diameters away on himself to place at the end of the current Galactic cycle.

Questioner: Is the moon hollow?

Ans. Your Moon is half hollow.

Questioner: Is the moon inhabited?

A.: Extra Terrestrial (alien) beings and people of the Earth you live Mon

Questioner: Where to live?

Ans: The two main underground cities and in 17 other facilities.

Fri: Does the Moon water?

A.: Contrary to what you told is the Moon some water and atmosphere.

Fri: How is it possible that the Moon always shows only one side and the dark side is always hidden from us?

Ans: You Mon is about 655.719 hours in your planet, and also rotates around its own axis in one full turn around of 655.719 hours, so you can see only one side. But that was not always so, approximately one million of you were four years ago stabilizers Mon to put on your movements with your rotation speed sync.

Fri: Living people on Mars?

A.: Yes.

Fri: Why is this information kept away from the public.

Ans: Because your planet ambitious groups who want to control your destiny by keeping you ignorant.

Fri: These groups think that they are genetically superior to the rest of humanity and they have asked for help to negative / dark entities to their plans of domination over your reality to include (Consummate) or to happen.

Fri: How to help them dark?

A.: The negative / dark entities by helping them to control your reality from the forming level. The Plan is forming thought patterns which are manifested in the pre-physical reality. It is the level of vibration attempts and corresponds to a certain part of your astral plan.

Fri: When God created our Universe, created why He / She negative entities?

A.: Universe God created you not, you did.

Fri: Why entities accepted the negative groups in power were / are?

A.: Negative / dark entities operate in a conspiracy with those groups because their goal is the same: to reign over your planet. Those who have power to control your own body while the negative / dark want to rule over your soul. And the method used by both groups is the same: Love aside by a thousand fears to create types.

A person full of fears can not feel love, and Love is the only energy that transforms the soul, and that allows ascension to higher plan of existence.

Through your soul Love Vibrations to rob, they created a split in the flow of your energy, you in which they hold a permanent inner conflict. And while you're in conflict with yourself is your perception of reality is limited, so you can not see their strategy which is unfolding before your eyes.

Fr: Use it dark energy?

A.: They use your energy to a minimum to keep you on your potential.

And why not think enough people think about the possibility of creating a new reality, new thought patterns by simply projecting into the forming level. A new reality of love, peace, joy and harmony can be manifested directly in your existence. But most people are unaware that they are the ones that have the power to change lives, and they assume that things will never change. Therefore lived thousands of years millions of people on Earth in sorrow and pain.

Fri: Why do they control us?

A.: On a certain level of vibration control is a poor substitute for consciousness.

Therefore produced in the past conscious people in the past 2500 years, more than 4,000 wars on Earth. Wars were fought with the intention to create the illusion of the ego to create, by the middle of the splitting of the collective into winners and losers. We from the Higher Realms can tell you that no wars have ever been one winner.

Fri: It means that not even a war can be won?

Ans: You win when you let go of the desire to win.

Fri: You have said that the Federation of Light here is the unfolding of events that happen on the planet to observe, they will also help the negative and dark entities to stop?

A.: The technology of the Federation of Light serves the Divine, but nothing can be done before you have to ask, because this is a universe with free will.

Fri: Should we bring up our frequencies to contact with them?

Ans: By simply asking from you raise your heart rate.

Ask you to and from your mind, you will be heard. Ask from your heart then you will get your answer.

Fri: You said that at the end of the Galactic Cycle anything not synch with the Divine Plan will collapse, what will happen to the dark entities?

Ans: At the end of the current cycle, the dark bitterness of the collective face total defeat.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Earth, you will witness one of the most extraordinary moments in galactic history. The galactic cycle where you live is his perfection / completion to achieve. Humanity is now at the last intersection of the current leg of its evolutionary journey.

Your DNA is activated by high cosmic vibration energy beams that deposit down on Earth from the Galactic Unified Field of the Divine Consciousness itself. These energies have opened a vortex of high vibrations that Gaia's ascentiepad has cleared, which produces a real change in the cellular structure of your body.

The collective consciousness of Humanity itself is meaningful to expand, but the number of people awakened still too low. It is your responsibility - as is stated in your contract life - the activation of the collective mass consciousness to help, through your own individual consciousness expansion to complete.

Note that the power to decide about your future is within you. You tune to the higher frequency of Love will open channels for your inner strength to the surface of your consciousness flow, to take control of your destiny.

Now is the time, do not miss the moment. You will not get another opportunity. Do not wait another day, because the timing of the ascension is of great importance ...

I AM Emmanuel

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