The expanding or growing planet theory has always intrigued me and there have been many people who refuse to consider this as a possibility of why our planet is the way it is. i think the theory is sound and it just makes sense after you see how the continents fit together perfectly. this scenario also looks convincing with our Moon also.

Proponents of an expanding Earth hypothesis claim that the explanation for the position and movement of continents and the appearance of new crustal material at mid-ocean ridges is that Earth's volume is increasing. Modern scientific evidence does not support this idea, rather plate tectonics is almost universally accepted as correct. The small number of proponents of an expanding earth claim that the continents drifted away from each other because of further expansion at the rip-zones, where oceans currently lie. This contradicts the scientific consensus plate tectonics theory by stating that significant destructive plate boundaries do not exist.

Expanding Earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neal Adams Website has very good information
Neal Adams Science Project New Model of the Universe Two Guys in a Bar

if this theory is true , i wonder if there are planets in our own solar system that have water under the crust and will eventually expand and look similar to Earth ?
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Since the above video has been removed, here's a new one.

Conspiracy Of Science - Earth Is In Fact Growing

This 'theory' of the world expanding makes perfect sense. They always tell us the 'theory' of Pangea, which is that all of the continents were actually one big continent on one side of the world that spread apart and covered the entire planet, leaving oceans between.

I call BS. I've ALWAYS called BS on the Pangea theory. If you look at the other side of the continents, you know, those that Pangea says were NOT connected ever, if you look at that side, you can see that they also look to match up. But of course, the pangea theory can't work if they have both sides connecting.

It DOES however make sense if the world has changed it's size, and it actually expanded.

And, this is just another one of those things that the people controlling history DON'T want you to know about, cuz if everyone knew, then there wouldn't be cause for the false alarm of "the earth can't support more human life, so we have to cut back" BS.

The earth DOES appear to be in a constant state of growth in itself. I'm sure other planets are going through the same thing too. This is a great video that was put together, it certainly shows my thoughts that i couldn't put fully together to make it a reality.

Thanks aragorn, for the original post! And thanks Neil Adams for the video in the first place!
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