February 16th, 2009 in Breaking News

Do you trust Tony Blair?

Figures reveal Blair’s charity empire | Politics | The Observer.

Charities are going to the wall, leading philanthropists are cutting back and patrons of the arts are closing their wallets. But in these financially straitened times, Tony and Cherie Blair are emerging as the UK’s answer to Bill and Melinda Gates.

Documents filed at Companies House show the former prime minister and his wife have been busy establishing a series of charities that have global reach and expansive ambitions. Many politicians decide to set up charitable organisations after they leave office, but the Blairs’ ambitions are different in that their scale dwarfs those of their British predecessors.

Everything from striving for the promotion of women entrepreneurs to encouraging healthy Geordies, eradicating fatal illnesses and bringing lasting peace to the Middle East are to receive the Blairs’ philanthropic touch.

And while many charities are having trouble raising funds, not to mention attracting the suitably connected personnel necessary to achieve their goals, the Blairs are encountering no such problems. The names of those lending support to their charitable trusts read like a Who’s Who of movers and shakers from sport, religion and philanthropy.
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