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I attended a lecture by professor Jeffrey Lang (born 1954) in downtown Toronto a few years ago. He started his lecture with story of his bitter childhood – growing up in a Roman Catholic family with an abusive and alcoholic father who regularly beat his wife, a mother of his five children – brought tears to my eyes.

Young Lang, at the age of 16 while studying at a Catholic school turned into an atheist. He start hating his Christian God like he hated his violent father. Questions like “if there is a God, and He is all merciful and all loving, then why is there suffering on this earth? Why does not He just take us to heaven? Why create all these people to suffer?” began bothering him.

However, his life took a huge turn when at the age of 20 he started studying Holy Qur’an – a copy of which was gifted to him by one of his friends at the University of Kansas, Mahmoud Qandeel. Lang found answers to all his questions he used to challenge people who believe in a Supreme Power, Allah, G-d, God or Bhagwan.

As a young lecturer in Mathematics at San Francisco University, Lang found his religion where God is finally a reality. That was shown to him by a few of the Muslim friends he had met at the university. “We talked about religion. I asked them my questions, and I was really surprised by how carefully they had thought out their answers,” Lang said.

Lang says he was always fascinated by Mathematics because it is based on human logic. Therefore, Lang pursued a career in Mathematics. He received his Master’s and PhD from Purdue University. “Math is logical. It consists of using facts and figures to find concrete answers. That is the way my mind works, and it is frustrating when I deal with things that do not have concrete answerers,” says Dr. Lang.

“Holy Qur’an attracted my attention because its reasonings are different from the other religions which demand acceptance by faith,” says Lang. “Islam appeals to man’s reasoning,” he said.

Listen to Dr. Jeffrey Lang’s video below – explaining how Holy Qur’an inflenced his atheist mind.

Dr. Lang converted to Islam in 1982 at the age of 28. He is author of several books on Islam which are best sellers among both Muslims and non-Muslims in the US. One of his important books is “Even Angels ask; A Journey to Islam in America”. In this book, Dr. Lang shares with his readers the many insights that have unfolded for him through his self discovery and progress within the religion of Islam.