Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earth Contact with the Ashtar Command

President Obama will not be the one deciding about another war. Who will decide? The US Congress. When all of the courageous men and women who left Iraq and Afghanistan can be entranced to accept yet another destructive death camp option, they will be directed to Iran. As the military might of an invading, occupier nation, they cannot expect Iranians to accept the loss of their country's sovereignty. Many of these brave ones are going to their death. Why? Because most of the controllers are still in the drugs and mass destruction mentality they conceived during the days when communism ended in the former Soviet Union.

What can these deaths do to man's great majority? Cancel courage. Without advocates against further attempts of the controllers to advance the realization of their once hidden agenda, all can be revealed. This is where the Ashtar command can deliver aid, but we cannot make direct contact until there is no craft defense system left. Are we afraid? No, but to be the ones who offer options, we must first give those who are still able to advance causes against this demise of man's choices the opportunity to act first. Without any choice there's no game left, and with no game there is no growth.

Channels who are delivering clear messages about what the Ashtar command plans to do are not getting the "after the destruction" message, only the more caring concepts they hope to see materialize. Plans are in place to make contact with caring aid, but not to deliver anyone to another dimension or make contact that provides the next advancement to the dream. It will only be an act of aid.

Please, give up any fantasy concepts about future contact with the Ashtar command. Most of you who are already ascended will not be continuing to live through this change. Only those who are not able to accept ascension will dance in this craft filled drama. The change that draws the craft will be totally devoid of any future hope that can enliven what the old dream was before the landing arrives. Change of this kind has no cause and effect details - it is no longer a life sustaining dance. We want to help the delivery of the ascension long before this occurs.

So please don't expect to be taken away by the Ashtar command ships or given new technologies by us. We (my colleagues and myself) are not doing this. We will aid by mental contact, giving advice to those open to receive it, and lighting the way to mass ascension. More of those who decided to ascend are still needing to awaken to this destiny. Beliefs about being advised by Ashtar and contracting for another place to live must be overturned.

What is the latest on ascension? More than 5 million are able to ascend. Now there are about one million of these who have completed their ascension in consciousness. Five million (out of 7 billion) can help to delete a lot of dross for those who are still able to be contacted before the mass ascension. Can they give the light to all? No, but those they do touch will be able to ascend if they agree to let go of their old attitudes.

Are you afraid to go into the next door of ascension? What are you afraid of? Get clear about your next step to draw to you the things you need to take it. No going back now. Being who you are is bringing clarity to the mass consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna