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Most Israeli leaders have stopped believing that US president Barack Obama will attack Iran as desired by them. The recent statements by Barack Obama and former Israeli defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak have raised the bar on American attack on Iran in the immediate future. Barak told Knesset foreign and defense committee on March 11, 2013 that Israel could not rely even on its close allies for its security. Barack Obama, told an Israeli TV channel that Iran was not in the position to acquire a nuclear weapon within a year.

With a new radical Jewish government put in place by Benjamin Netanyahu, it would not be surprising if Israeli Mossad pull another 9/11 terrorist operation and blame it on Iran. The Zionist regime is desparate to create a new war in the Middle East to divert world attention from its own criminal actions.

Let us not forget, Obama assassination was proposed by publisher-editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew B. Alder, last year. Andrew Alder’s three options, were; “Strike Hizbullah and Hamas, strike Iran or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!”

What could be better than assassinate Barack Obama while he is visiting Israel – and blame it on Hizballah which is supported by Islamic regime in Tehran. Jeff Gates posted a warning for Barack Obama on January 6, 2010, saying: “Should pro-Israeli extremists detect an inclination by Barack Obama to endorse a return of Palestinian land to the Palestinians, the likelihood of his assassination will greatly increase. For his death to appear plausibly due to an Islamic source requires pre-staging akin to what is now ongoing. To displace facts with what the public can be induced to believe requires a period of mental preparation in order to make misdirection believable“. Thanks to Zionist-controlled mainstream media – Americans have already been prepared for Barack Obama assassination by some “crazy Islamist”.

On March 16, 2013, Karl Herman, an American academic and investigative writer, claimed the possibility that Israel might assassinate Obama and blame it on Iran to start more unlawful war.

“BEWARE AN ISRAEL ASSASSINATION ON PRESIDENT OBAMA that is blamed on Iran as a new “reason” for war. Reject US/Israel war-murders of Iranians when we already know who has lied, and who is currently lying for unlawful wars. Suspect a false flag attack as behind any assassination or attempt,” warns Karl Herman.

Therefore: US military is authorized NOW to arrest the criminal faction among US “leadership” in government, military, and media who lied to engage us in unlawful wars since 2001, and lie now for more unlawful war.

Honor demands our action to uphold the US Constitution, refuse unlawful Wars of Aggression, and arrest obvious War Criminals.

Millions of lives are at stake, including our own. Trillions of our dollars are being wasted that could revitalize our nation.

We have the rule of just law with us, all of our ancestors who upheld the US Constitution, and 99% of humanity today when informed of the facts.

“What will you do about this? Be proud of your choices,” concludes Herman.

Personally, I don’t think Israel’s Zionazi leadership is so dumb to assassinate Obama inside Israel. They would rather kill him inside some Muslim country. Barack Obama is sceduled to visit Jordan on Friday evening to dine with King Abdullah II in Amman. That would be a perfect opportunity for Mossad to assassinate Barack Obama as Mossad six-agent team poisoned Hamas leader Khaled Mesha’al in Amman on September 25, 1997. The Heshmite dynasty of Jordan has always been anti-Iran and pro-Israel since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Amman broke its diplomatic relation with Tehran in 1982. King Hussein supported Saddam Hussein during the 8-year Iraq-Iran war. Both countries resumed diplomatic relation in the 1990s. The King’s Secret Service is trained by Mossad officials. These days, Mossad is training anti-Assad rebels both in Jordan and Turkey. Interestingly, according to Time magazine, Mossad is running out of assassination targets. Barack Obama could fill in the blank space!

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