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Israeli warmongering defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak told the annual conference of the Institute for National Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv on Tuesday that Israeli leadership felt like the “Jewish State had a sword to its neck prior to the 1967 Six-Day War”, and felt their was no choice but to act. He suggested that the “Iranian threat” may have come to this point, or be nearing this point.

Anyone who has read Zionist history from objective source would know that Zionist leaders have never felt ashamed of repeating their lies. On April 4, 1972, Gen. Haim Bar-Lev, former Jewish Army’s Chief of Staff, was quoted in Israeli daily Ma’ariv as follows: “We were not threatened with genocide on the eve of the Six Day War, and we had never thought of such a possiblity“.

In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu’s father, Benzion Netanyahu, told Channel 2′s political correspondent Amit Segal: “People think the Holocaust ended. The Holocaust did not end. It continues all the time“. Professor Norman Finkelstein’s mother agrees with that statement. However, she told her son that the victims are Palestinians and the Nazis are Israeli Jews, in present day (The Holocaust Industry).

And who was Benzion Netanyahu (d. 2012)? He was considered an ultra-Zionist; in the 1940s he worked with Ze’ev Jabotinsky who founded Jewish terrorist militia Irgun and also co-operated with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (d. 1945). Benzion was such a fanatic Zionist Jew that Israel’s first prime minister David Ben Gurion refused to take him to Knesset. According to Ben-Gurion’s diary, Benzion had close contacts with Truman’s secretary of state, Dean Acheson, and former President Nixon. Ben-Gurion wote in his diary: “ Benzion believes that our public-relations mechanism in the US is weak and he is offering his services. He will get a year’s leave from the encyclopedia. His cover will be that he will be lecturing at some university. His subject is Jewish history. He wrote a book on Abarbanel. We must set up a non-Jewish team: from among the most important authors, journalists, congressmen. We need to acquire those who hate us – or at least make them neutral. For the first half a year we might be called upon to provide about a quarter of a million dollars. Later he will find money in America itself. There is no value in appearances by Zionist Jews. American figures are needed, and it is necessary that it not be felt in the least that this entity has ties to the state of Israel, but in practice it has to answer to the Prime Minister’s Office, because propaganda has to adapt itself to policy“.

Personally, I wish Iran bcomes a ‘sword on Zionist regimes’ neck’ by producing a few nukes as deterrent. Professor Hossein Mousavian (Princeton University), in a recent column provided Barack Obama following ‘20 reasons not to attack Iran’ to stop his proxy war against Iran just to please the Zionist regime.

1. Iran has become the leading country in the Muslim world advocating for an end to nuclear weapons by religiously committing itself against weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

2. The IAEA in the past decade, following more than 4,000 inspection hours, frequently and constantly has declared that there is no evidence of diversion in Iranian nuclear activity toward building a weapon.

3. The U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has maintained that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, has not made the decision to build them and is not on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons. The international community also accepts this conclusion.

4. If the US were to attack Iran, it would reverse non-proliferation efforts worldwide and weaken the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

5. If Israel were to attack unilaterally, the consequences would be even more catastrophic for the NPT, since Israel is not a member of NPT and would be a nuclear weapons state threatening a non-nuclear member of the NPT.

6. A strike would likely neither completely destroy the Iranian nuclear program, nor cause a major delay to the program.

7. Iran would withdraw from NPT, suspend nuclear talks with international negotiators, kick out inspectors from all nuclear sites and hide its nuclear program.

8. An Israeli or US strike on Iran would kill the hopes for rapprochement between Tehran and Washington for decades to come.

9. There is no doubt that in case of any strike, Iranians of all political stripes would rally around the flag to defend their land, integrity, identity, and rights, and to resist security threats.

10. President Obama’s effort to improve relations with the Muslim world is one of the most important US foreign policy objectives. This was highlighted in his June 4, 2009 Cairo speech, calling for a “new beginning” between the United States and Muslims. Any strike on Iran by the U.S. or Israel would revive anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world and even other parts of the globe.

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