Friday, July 24, 2009

When you first start creating you inherited mental consciousness, this is the basic foundation of you without Cosmic consciousness''knowledge''would you spiritually naked. So there is already solid spiritual food in you, only you forget this and can now turn from it. It is also possible for your consciousness to understand. Understand that everyone has a great spiritual consciousness transformation process. We were in one way or another, lived by this great transformation process. Now we can let go, because this process is understood. After 2012 everyone will understand this transformation process, because it is an inner journey.

In order to understand the creative principle, the above human understanding. You will have to recognize that you are much more than just EGO = personality. You have an inner ZIEL = I + SPIRIT + UNDERSTOOD chakras + 10 + 10 S. AWARENESS I your inner light is already in your body, that body is IN your Aards. If you truly love yourself you can have negative EGO of you. You know that love for you all healing energy to your soul and give your heart to heal it. Find your inner Master (es) in you and if you come home SAFELY IN yourself, you can also healthier and happier.

Everyone has an inner ITSELF = Spirit + Soul + 10 chakras consciousness + + + Kundalini Aura in your fine material ethereal light body in your body Aards. Your Light Body is the vehicle for your inner SELF. The earthly body is a higher gross matter and leave behind on Earth after you die. Aura has colors and has to do with your soul process and reflected in your character. AURA is your appearance, as one of your 10 chakras in balance, you might see because each chakra has its own color.

LOVE + JUSTICE = EGOLOOS. Love is soft and balm for your soul + heart. Entertainment is needed for your heart in your busy life, successful people do this successfully and this creates space in your head and is good for your nervous system and helps you to be aware. Nature heals you let negative thoughts out of your blow. Water cleans you. By SILENCE in yourself to create your very self, relaxation or meditation exercises let you deep tension agreed LOS. So relax, you need to clean your body the same cells and by working your Immune and waste a lot better. By time you get to relax because you GEEST insights in a resting state and with soft mood music is a feast for your soul. Change your life situations and see yourself as a light being and put yourself back in the light.

Incarnations operate in accordance to each individual soul growth to the core of a pure soul in you where to make all his own original IK BEN''justice''is back. A lighting means your low self''problems''to understand and connect with your own high self-awareness. Love and honesty, has your soul than you have AIM you Blueprint understood and this entitles you to an eternal existence.

The lesson of LOVE + JUSTICE is for everyone, so there is a pure spark of recognition of the truth of your own soul comes and brings you the pure aspect of your inner ARE right, this is for your own soul enlightenment. Your personal truth based on what your soul, or''believes''to have seen and is in accordance with the truth for yourself, because there are so many different truths, but they are based on someone his own ego.

This Cosmic transformation process was needed. Search now secure base in your deepest self and find love for yourself and find the truth for yourself. So forgive yourself or someone else, do this for your own state of mind. If you understand yourself better, try the truth and the language of the light to understand. Start a new page and let loose all the old negative.

UNIT means that your intuition and instinct again in connection with a seated CER security trust in yourself. This is the key to the optics and the 6th SENSES becomes activated and this is the inner eye that in your 8th Chakra consciousness is. Everyone has this in it, only we have forgotten. Therefore, there are many who seek confirmation that they recognize the truth again. This is the language that we all have received the light in our very existence. Activate this inner knowledge as it is in your own Godbewustzijn where the memory of the Great Truth library optics is coming, so look for the truth in yourself.

You are already complete, everything is already in you and you must specify the format, fill that void in you by self-love. Your creative process comes from your own consciousness. Rest periods are needed for understanding of yourself. Acts and actions by your own truth consciousness put right, a pardon is always in place. Subconsciously, everyone participated in the transformation process for a restoration of Gaya the World Soul. This is now ready and so is Humanity also FREE and enjoy so while you are on Earth.

Source: spiritualwisdom.nl

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