[Channeled] Free Yourself, Free Your Mind – Acknowledge What Is Happening To You & Learn To Move On - Lady of Light - November 14, 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
November 14[SUP]th[/SUP] 2012


One must acknowledge all that is happening. This is true of everything in one’s life. All situations must be faced in order to gain closure and move on. All pain (physical and emotional) must be acknowledged before it can be removed and disappear. If you hold onto pain, it will never go away. (You are holding on to the pain when fighting it and not accepting and acknowledging it.)

Depression or Downward Thought Spiral:

Too much time spent in "thought" can and does lead to depression; however, one must face that which makes one depressed in order to move beyond it. Depression and anger are stemmed from that which we chose not to face. It is a test of moving beyond. Can you face what makes you feel this way?

When we reach that downward spiral of depressing thoughts, this is the best time to meditate; after all, you are already half-way to solving the problem at that point. The difference between solving the problem and “going off the deep end” lies in how you handle your emotional state when in the downward motion. If you realize what’s happening and meditate on what the problem is, you can, 9 times out of 10, solve the problem. Sometimes this takes a little more time than just to sit there for the 5 minutes, or an hour, or however long you sit and dwell in the moment. Stop to focus in on those thoughts and analyze for yourself what is wrong. If you make meditation a regular thing in your life, you will soon see the negativity disappear and all stresses will soon disappear as well.

Light Beings Need Help Too:

Even light beings who have chosen to be "born" into a human body form need a little help from time to time. It is sometimes difficult when in this form to do everything that needs to be done and in a manner in which it SHOULD be done. Often times we find ourselves giving into the nature of the physical human ways and let anger and fear guide us instead of allowing ourselves to be only of the light. It is the body that holds us back, but it is also the body which allows us to communicate with those of the physical in a way that is understood BY the physical humans.

Kundalini or Chakra Alignment:

You can be sitting in the crown chakra without having gone through a Kundalini Awakening or Chakra Alignment (or call it by any other name or term you choose). You don't need to go through a 'formal awakening' to be fully aligned and awake to the higher self. By forcing the chakras to align in a non-natural way, you may very well end up harming yourself more than helping yourself. Any time you try to force something that is not natural for you at the time, you are not helping anything. You may well achieve the alignment, but you will pay the consequences if it is not your time to be so. It is best to align your chakras in a more slow and careful way in order to address what things arise from each level. If you surpass or suppress the problems, you only carry them with you and sometimes may have more difficulty solving those issues. Face the issues AS they arise and DO NOT move on with the alignment until you have done so.


It’s amazing what a great healing tool that anger can be. Getting angry forces us to face the things heat on that are bothering us. There's no avoiding it at that point. The best thing you can do in this situation is to look more deeply into why you are angry and what is fueling the anger. You'd be surprised at the things that are revealed. And when they are, you tend to feel better. But you need to address those issues as they come to the surface, and only then can they go away.


Meditation is a great way to face what is bothering us and help us to “re-create” or “re-build” ourselves. Whether we are angry, or we are lost, or we are depressed, it is important to have some “me time” and relax into a meditative state. Believe it or not, day-dreaming is a meditative state. We’re often told to stop daydreaming; however, this is one of the best things for us to do, provided it is during a time when you don’t need to be focused on another task.

If you learn to meditate well enough, you can soon enter into a meditative state while doing anything and not have it affect your ability to perform tasks. When you are able to achieve this state, you will find that life is not as bothersome as it once was; your stresses will melt away and annoyances will be a thing of the past.
Re: Free Yourself, Free Your Mind – Acknowledge What Is Happening To You & Learn To Move On - Lady of Light - November 14, 2012

I would like to be able to meditate, unfortunately my mind has a tendancy to shoot off in all different directions, if I'm dwelling on one thing. Apparently too,perhaps as protection over the years in school I've closed off my mind and don't completely remember those times, just bits and pieces. I don't even remember all of my teachers names. Is that weird? But I did find the article interesting. I'll have to look deeper into meditation. Certainly couldn't hurt. Thank you :)

Perhaps I don't totally understand meditation. I know it would help to have complete quiet or am I misunderstanding that? The only time it's really quiet around here is deep into the night. Otherwise plenty of distractions, I seem to have an aversion to complete silence., but on the flip slide don't like alot of noise either. Go figure that one.
Re: Free Yourself, Free Your Mind – Acknowledge What Is Happening To You & Learn To Move On - Lady of Light - November 14, 2012

Ultimately, a quiet state is best, but is not necessary.

Here's a few threads on meditation you might want to read. Meditation is explained a bit more in detail. Hope this helps! :)



Thank you, so often if you do your own search on a subject not every topic is reliable, however coming from you I believe these will be reliable. Thank you.. Will definately check these threads out, :)
I trust what's been said, and Noah knows a lot about the subject, so does kotn. Those 2 users I trust.

I wouldn't refer these threads to you if I didn't think they would help you. I know you can and will get a lot out of them. :)