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Re: funny things on Google Earth -

the wierd things of google earth, this took me a long time 2 make so enjoy! =) here r the co ordinates:

1st pic: 55°38'27.17"N 13° 0'54.16"E
2nd: 53°33'10.28"N 2°51'42.29"W
3rd: 45°42'13.47"N 21°18'8.91"E
4th: 52° 5'11.16"N 4°20'15.05"E
5th: 51°24'45.36"N 6° 1'46.49"E
6th: 39° 3'0.70"N 1°37'15.78"E
7th: 53°29'57.35"N 1°19'2.05"W
8th: 53°32'29.58"N 1°32'7.62"W
9th: 53°31'55.88"N 1°21'22.31"W
10th: 34° 8'30.06"N117°38'16.90"W
11th: 34° 8'30.32"N117°35'22.24"W
12th: 37°24'10.03"N116°51'59.08"W
14th: 34° 8'23.20"N117°23'36.27"W
15th: 33°43'23.86"N112°32'10.39"W
16th: (started building ontop of triangle) 33°42'33.69"N112°25'33.50"W
17th: 30°30'37.34"S115°22'57.66"E
18th: 19°56'57.85"S 69°37'59.70"W



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Re: funny things on Google Earth -

Here are the coordinates of the places shown in the video :

1.Tomahawk Missile : 38°13'35.77"N 112°17'56.36"W

2.Crazy Public Pool : 52°29'52.24"N 13°27'13.67"E

3.Weird Circles : 39°39'38.05"N 115°58'33.73"W

4.Mine Pools : 38°29'0.16"N 109°40'52.80"W

5.Korean Ship : 35° 9'17.89"N 129° 8'51.86"E

6.Air Collision : 51°52'17.37"N 0°33'58.79"W

7.Sea Creature 1 : 8°59'6.70"N 79° 8'19.45"W

8.Blue Whale Skeleton : 36°56'57.30"N 122° 3'55.40"W

9.Jesus Loves You : 43°38'46.09"N 115°59'35.81"W

10.Bush Pilot (Secret Plane) : 45°24'28.31"N 123° 0'27.67"W

11.John Travolta's House : 29°16'40.94"N 82° 7'1.82"W

12.Hole In China : 38°51'34.33"N 111°36'10.86"E

13.People Looking Up : 3° 0'8.86"S 33° 5'24.40"E

14.Sea Creature 2 : 23° 3'19.86"S 70°27'0.58"W

15.Navajo Bridge : 36°48'59.54"N 111°37'54.39"W

16.Earthquake? : 16°54'9.00"N 99°58'15.97"W

17.Lunar Excursion Model : 39°57'27.97"N 75°10'24.19"W

18.The Star : 37°24'5.02"N 116°52'4.01"W

19.Poo! : 55°57'26.99"N 3°18'39.62"W

20.UFO : 45°42'12.73"N 21°18'7.53"E

21.Worlds Largest Monolite : 25°20'38.21"S 131° 2'14.69"E



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Pretty neat stuff. Wow, there's lots of people out there with so much time on their hands that they have found all these things. Which is great for the rest of us who like seeing these things but don't have time to go searching for themselves.

I like the ghost car the the sea creatures the best. The mid air missiles were cool. The UFOs are always neat to be seen too.

Thank you to all that put these images together for others to view and thank you to day for posting them here.